Troublemaker out now 

A known criminal. A well-respected judge. What could go wrong?

At twenty, Rocco has seen more life than most people twice his age. Raised inside a criminal family, Rocco is harder than most. He doesn’t need anyone. In fact, he’s used to living life above the law and on his terms. It grates to want a judge more than twice his age, but he can’t stop. The honorable Judge Byron Chester is under his skin. Rocco must dig him out.

While Byron’s reputation is squeaky clean, he’s been a regular guest at Silas D’s exclusive parties for years. In certain circles, his debauchery is well known. Still, he keeps that side of himself as far away from the public eye as possible. Meeting Rocco wasn’t part of his plan. Byron always intended to live free until he drops dead. He can’t get the much younger troublemaker out of his head. Byron fears he won’t stop coming back for more until Rocco ruins him. Maybe it’s already too late.

With secrets and public images standing in their way, can Rocco and Byron find any common ground? Or will Rocco’s shady life be the end of the line for them… literally?