Friday, September 21, 2018

Sugar Dom #MM #Romance #NewRelease

New Release!

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Their off-limits relationship nearly destroyed them both. So why can’t they let go?
Detroit crossed a line into the taboo when he fell in love with his best friend’s dad. There’d been a time when he believed Payne might love him too. Occasionally, he’d caught glimpses of something in Payne’s eyes. Then, they’d been outed. Now, they’re over, and Detroit isn’t the same. He’ll never be the same.
Payne believes in discipline and control. So much so, he owns a club where people pay lots of money to be punished by him. Detroit is the only person who’s ever tested his will. Almost losing his son over the man brought back his strength. No one is worth that loss, except he can’t let go. The memory of the way Detroit shook him to his core won’t stop haunting him. He doesn’t know how to move past it.
Now that Detroit is living and fighting in Vegas, hundreds of miles from Payne, he’s trying to start over. That is, until a single moment changes everything.
Portrait of a muscular handsome man
Belt is in the hands of naked man. The guy does exercises for ha

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Helping out family

Last week, my brother-in-law was in a bad motorcycle accident. He’s going to be out of work for a good while and his hospital bills will be through the roof. My sister has started a Go Fund Me, hoping they can survive with only her working. If you can help, she’ll really appreciate it 😊❤️ 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Sugar Tycoon #MM #NewRelease

Sugar Tycoon front cover
Bored, rich, and wild. Who could love someone like that?
Wyld West is the billionaire playboy who’s as eccentric as his name. Not only has he never been in love, Wyld doesn’t believe it exists. Until an angelic younger man comes to his rescue and nothing makes sense any longer.
While delivering meals to the homeless, Micah stumbles upon Wyld, bleeding and in need of help. Two months later, he’s still finding ways to see Wyld. The man is caustic and unlikable. In fact, everyone constantly warns Micah against a friendship with Wyld, but all Micah sees is someone as lonely as him.
When Wyld makes Micah a crazy and unexpected offer, it’ll be them against the world. Micah will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to keep his family, friends, and his sugar tycoon. Luckily, Micah is a fighter. Now, if only everyone else would cooperate.
Sugar Tycoon teaser

Monday, August 20, 2018

SMASH #Giveaway

Kentucky already lost his career once. He thought regaining it meant everything. Until he met Rory.
After getting picked up by New York, getting injured and let go, Kentucky is back in Texas. Working at his dad’s auto repair shop isn’t terrible, but it’s not his dream. He needs ice under his skates. Kentucky hasn’t given up. He’s determined to reclaim the career he loves. That is, until he meets Rory.
Rory recognized Kentucky the first time he laid eyes on him. That’s not why he set out to win him. Kentucky has sad eyes Rory can’t resist. He only wanted to know him. Rory never expects to love him. He doubly never intends to ruin Kentucky.
It’s so easy for Kentucky to fall for Rory. The man is perfect in every way. Except Rory has a secret that could smash Kentucky’s life to bits. Kentucky will have to decide what he can live with and who he can’t live without.
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Monday, August 6, 2018

Your new Sugar Daddy #MM #Romance

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When two men with zero inhibitions start a game of truth or dare, a love affair is born.
Things with Jude started so harmless. One nice conversation, an offer to get drinks, and then nothing was innocent any longer. Hendrix has a past. One he strives to keep hidden. For that reason, and several others, he’s always kept to himself. It isn’t until he gets to know Jude that he lets himself live again, but not without fear. Hendrix never forgets Jude doesn’t know him and wouldn’t like him if he did.
Despite their almost twenty-year age difference, Hendrix is the best thing that’s ever happened to Jude. He’s smart, enjoys all the same interests, and is kinky as hell. On paper, they’re perfect together. The reality is, Hendrix is hiding something. Jude won’t stop until he uncovers the truth or destroys them trying.
When Hendrix’s past slaps Jude in the face, he’ll have to choose—accept what he’s learned or lose the greatest man he’s ever met.

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Monday, July 30, 2018

#Paranormal #Romance #MM #LGBT

Get ready for this...

Damaged doesn’t begin to cover Tamil’s current state. Riskel wants to fix that.
Turned out at a young age, Tamil was taken in by evil. All he’s known is abuse until Jonathan comes to his rescue. His mind and body are broken, but Jonathan’s home is different from any place he’s ever been. People are kind for no reason. As much as that messes with his head, it’s nothing compared to the way Riskel confuses him. Nothing feels real anymore.
Even though Tamil almost killed Riskel, Riskel knows a wounded beast when he sees one—in pain and lashing out. Riskel can’t stop himself from trying to help. Each day he gains Tamil’s trust a little more—like taming a wild animal. Only time will tell if Tamil is worth the effort or if he’ll slice Riskel’s throat in his sleep. It’s a chance Riskel’s willing to take.
Unfortunately, Riskel isn’t the only being obsessed with Tamil. Evil doesn’t want to let go. Riskel will have to risk more than his neck if he hopes to break the devil’s hold.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Who doesn't love a Sugar Daddy? New Release

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Zander didn’t get where he is by playing nice. Everyone has a price. Maverick is no exception.
Maverick knew when he met Zander he’d have to set boundaries. Zander Kapra already has more than any one man should, and Maverick doesn’t intend to join the list of faceless men Zander has probably bedded. It doesn’t help that Zander is in the position to make or break Maverick’s MMA career. Maverick would never let any man have that kind of power over him.
As owner of all the Luna hotels and casinos on the West Coast, Zander controls who can enter bet fights in his cages. Maverick caught his eye months ago. Every Friday night, Zander makes a point of being wherever Maverick is, stalking him. Waiting for his chance. There’s something about the cocky fighter. Zander has to have him, but Maverick doesn’t treat him like everyone else. It doesn’t matter. Zander didn’t get where he is by playing nice. He gets who he wants. Whenever he wants them. He won’t allow Maverick to be an exception.
From day one, Maverick and Zander struggle for dominance, but Maverick has bigger problems than Zander’s overbearing ways. Zander’s secrets might be a harder punch than he can take.