Monday, May 4, 2015

Heart's Duo

What began as a half-baked scheme to help his brother win the man of his dreams has become a tailspin Joss can’t escape. His actions and secrets have kept him from making any real claim on the woman who captured his attention years ago.
But secrets have a way of coming to light.
Maddox has known from almost the beginning Joss has been playing games with his life. What he doesn’t realize is how deep the man’s deception runs. When Cade and Dylan’s wedding reception brings everyone together in one place, the entire story is revealed with a little help from Benton.
And Hell hath no fury like a man with nothing left to lose.
The implosion Joss has braced for has finally come to pass, changing everything forever. With Jamie and Hawke in another country, enjoying their happily ever after, Maddox is about to teach Joss a valuable lesson in toying with other people’s lives.
What happens when bad decisions, manipulations, good intentions, and misunderstandings combine? It’s an Ugly Eternity.

Maddox rubbed the center of his chest. Benton followed the line of his gaze to Hawke and Jamie. The pair was a tad enthralling. Benton bit back a chuckle as Jamie urged Hawke’s arms over his head and held them against the wall. His hips moved in time with the music as if waiting for someone to shove a few bills down his pants. The man was insane. Benton had to respect that.
How the pair didn’t feel all the eyes upon them, Benton couldn’t explain. They were standing close enough Benton could make out every letter of Jamie’s name spelled out in permanent ink across the inside of Hawke’s forearm. Knowing Jamie, as he did, the man couldn’t care less who was watching them. He didn’t relent until Hawke was laughing so hard no sound emerged. Benton went back to watching Maddox. There was something about the entire situation niggling at that back of his mind. Something slightly off. Maddox was so focused on the pair he’d yet to notice Benton, leaving him free to puzzle it out.
This man had cheated on Hawke, throwing everything away. By all accounts, he should’ve let this go a long time ago. He’d broken things off and moved another man in. His expression said none of those things. Benton glanced around, Hawke and Jamie were still dancing. Sophie and Joss were in the corner having an up-close discussion. How had Joss came to be with Sophie over the last few months? None of it made any sense. If Maddox had put Hawke out and moved Joss in, why would Maddox watch Hawke instead of Joss? Benton’s gaze returned to Maddox. Maddox smiled at the sight of Hawke’s laughter and Benton knew. It was exactly like someone ripped back the curtain, revealing the real story.
“Oh my god.”
Maddox visibly startled at Benton’s cry. He couldn’t stop. The truth slammed into him with such power Benton couldn’t contain it. It brought him to his feet. Maddox lifted his glass to his lips, taking a sip. Benton wondered if the man was attempting to hide his emotions before focusing on him.
“Didn’t see you there,” Maddox said after a moment. Benton ignored Maddox’s statement of the obvious.
“Oh my god,” Benton repeated, pointing at him. He didn’t care if he looked like a madman. 



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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Truth in advertising part 3

It’s that time of year again. As always everything stated on this blog is solely my opinion, based on personal experiences with each company/individual. Since it is never my intention to bash anyone or damage the reputation of anyone involved, I welcome non-confrontational discussion. Please share your opinions and experiences in the comment section. Sharing is caring after all. Plus, with my books, I employ an editor. She should follow me around everywhere I go, but she doesn’t, so please excuse any bad grammar, punctuation, etc. Here we go…

Tour companies:
I did several tours over the past year. Since there’re so many, I’m sticking with what worked. As you know, authors are poor and low on time so once I found someone I loved, I stuck with them.

As I said, I did several. Those are the companies that worked.

I did SO much advertising this past year I couldn’t possibly remember everyone. However, I do remember what worked, some of what didn’t, and who pissed me off. Sometimes, when it comes to buying ad space, the person I deal with matters to me almost as much as the results. If someone is rude, snippy, or generally treats me like I should feel honored they’re taking an ass-ton of my money, I remember that. I’m actually a little late doing this post for the year because I couldn’t decide if I would. After last year’s post, I received an ugly email or two from some companies who didn’t like what I had to say, but here’s the thing, I can’t be kept down. Here it goes…

ENT—In the past, I’ve always praised Ereader News Today. Since they’ve changed the way they charge, not so much. Before the price change, I think $30 was the most I ever paid for an ad. Now, I have to pay $40 and it didn’t come ANYwhere near paying for itself. Lost my ass.

Booktastik—For $10, it’s worth it.

My Romance Reads—A little on the pricey side, but they’re always nice and I always make my money back. They won’t advertise my LGBT titles, which hurts my heart, but they might change their policy one of these days.

LiteraryAddicts—this is a group, but they have a quarterly party where the site will pimp the heck out of your book. It works better if your book is on sale. Also, you have to request membership, but once you’re approved, you can pay to join the party. It’s worth it.

The Midlist—If I had it to do all over again, I would never pay for their banner creation/ad. In the end, I broke even, but I think I would’ve done just as good without that extra. Plus, since they’ve never approve me for another ad since, I would rather have my money than another submission process that’s just a waste of my time. I really don’t like having my time wasted.

Freebooksy—LOVE Freebooksy. It’s expensive, but if you know how to use free books to your advantage, get this one.

Bargainbooksy—Not as effective as their counterpart, but I did see a small boost.

Read Freely-- Free advertising is always awesome, especially when it works. 

Booksends/EreaderIQ—Okay, here’s one of the companies that did not make me happy. Booksends was fine and I’d advertise with them again, but never, EVER will I add the bonus Ereader IQ feature again, because they did something I found to be a bit shady. As promised they sent my links out in their newsletter, but my cover didn’t show up in their list posted to their FB page or on their website (that I could find). When I contacted them about it, I was informed my book was hidden behind safe search (which I couldn’t find at all, so I’m going to assume readers couldn’t either) for adult content. Okay, I can’t believe I’m the first steamy romance book they’ve ever advertised, but that shit isn’t posted anywhere on their page. At least, it wasn’t before I wrote this post, and I hardly think it’s fair that I should have to pay the same as everyone else if they’re going to hide my book. As a matter of point, they won’t see my money again because of it. Not only am I angry over being censored, it was a paranormal romance so there was no sense in hiding it at all. **rant over**

Story Cartel—This one, this one right here, I have to stop myself from telling everyone within screaming distance that they flat-out took my money and ran. I went through the application process, paid my fee, and then was denied because of sexual content. They offered to refund my money and then never did!! I’ve emailed them at least 3 times about it. Nothing. Nada. Totally ignoring me and keeping my money. Seriously? If you steal my money I’ll tell everyone. Use caution when dealing with these folks. **AMENDMENT** A week later, they finally refunded my money.

BKnights—This is a Fiverr deal, and I always make my money back.

Reading Alley—This is a new site set up a bit like NetGalley. You pay a fee to have your book listed and you approve review requests. It’s WAY cheaper than Netgalley, and your books stay up for review for much longer. So far, I’ve been very pleased with it. Oh, and they have precautions in place to do everything possible to keep your book from getting pirated.

The Books Machine—Total waste. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I paid for a month of service, I’ve been there for half that, and not one single bite.

Steamy RomanceReads—This is a site where you pay to have your book listed for a year at a time. The week my book went live, it paid for itself so I’m happy.

WTRAFSOG Facebookpage—Always a good way to get free advertising.

EBooks Rock Facebook page—Same here. It’s free. Just post and follow the rules.

BTS Magazine—this is a gorgeous and fun way to get exposure. As far as seeing sales, I don’t know. It’s more of a long-term, professional ad type thing. I’ve done it a few times and I’m always pleased with the results. In my opinion, it’s pretty affordable for such an awesome ad.

This is a new thing I’m adding this year, because I want people to have options. If you want your book to sell, there are some professional things you need to do. Number one, always have an editor. Number two, formats! Number three, a great cover. So here are some people who can help your book be its best—



Book Cover design:

Personal Assistants

Street Team management

**as a side note** If you’re a romance author, I highly recommend joining the RWA. Once there, it’s a good idea to find a chapter to call your own. Since I’m all about the steamy bits, I belong to Passionate Ink. It’s an awesome group of writers.

 I'm sure I missed a ton of things. Please chime in with your thoughts and experiences. If you don't see someone listed here, but would like my opinion, just ask. Chances are good I've tried them and forgotten them. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

$0.99 Countdown deal and #FREE with KU--Sated

Get Sated for $0.99 for a limited time April 11-18th. It's also Free with Kindle Unlimited.

(Dark Romance, F/M and M/M scenes, Rock Star Romance, Ménage, Sexy Detective, Alpha Male, Supernatural themes)

“Losing her mind wasn’t an experience she enjoyed.”

After a steamy night of passion with a dark stranger, Arbor’s life takes on a surreal edge. Disturbing dreams, lapses in memory, and entire buildings going missing are only a few of her problems. Her search for answers leads her to Detective Trey Murphy, the man in charge of investigating satanic and ritualistic crime for the New Orleans area.

Where do you turn when your mind is the enemy?

Meeting Trey only adds to Arbor’s confusion. By day, he keeps her captivated and gains her trust in a way no one else ever has. At night, Arbor’s every fantasy is brought to life by two sexy men who steal away her inhibitions. Torn between what her heart knows is real and what her eyes show her, Arbor must find the truth before she loses herself completely.

But, then again, sometimes reality is more twisted than any dream and love is the cruelest form of insanity.

**Author Note**

Warning: This isn’t your typical love story. It’s dark with scenes some may find disturbing. Sometimes love is senseless, and the heart is so very stupid.

Editorial Reviews

"The general feel of Sated is very surreal. It's as if you are in some dark, sexy, rock-god's dream and he won't let you go until he's made you scream - with pleasure or pain, you aren't sure." - Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite

"If I had to use one word to describe this story, it would be "Enthralling"!"--Robin, Amazon reviewer

"I want more of Ms. Parkerson's special brand of insanity"-- Delta, Reading Alley

"This book is highly recommended to romance lovers who believe love will conquer all." -- Lacrimsonfemme, Reading Alley 


Is it possible to fall in love with two men? Lord. I’ve been asking myself that question every day since meeting Killian and Lyric. From the moment Lyric’s jacket fell around my shoulders in the park, I’ve been hooked. Killian’s eyes crinkle in the corners in a way that always steals my breath away. He’s the perfect mixture of sweet and dirty. Wow. The things he says…it’s almost too much. I can’t get enough. Lyric is the quiet one, but so deep. When he speaks, I want to hear his every thought. It doesn’t hurt that his lips are perfect. Damn. I’m in trouble. These men are famous. What in the hell are they doing with me? There’re two of them. That’s twice as many women they should want besides me. They keep showing up. I keep letting them in. What will I do when they stop?”

Grab your copy now. Deal may not be available in all countries. Please check the price before clicking the buy button. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

9 USA Today bestselling and Award Winning Authors


This book contains twelve books by nine USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors. We also have award-winning authors in this box set. Nearly 800 thousand words for your reading pleasure.

We incorporated a bit of variety for all romance lovers. Some are paranormal, some are traditional romance, and some are on the steamy side. What do they all have in common? In each, you will find those fantastic Alpha Men we have come to know and love!

Each story has a short blurb--so you know what you're going to be getting with the story. We hope you'll enjoy them all!

Warning: Many of the twelve included books are intended for adults 18+ (Each book has a heat level in the blurb for your convenience)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Alpha: Day 9 with Lexy Timms

Day 9 of our 9 author "Alpha" bundle, releasing March 30th...

Lexy Timms

Sometimes the heart needs a different kind of saving... find out if Charity Thompson will find a way of saving forever in this hospital setting Best-Selling Romance by Lexy Timms 

Charity Thompson wants to save the world, one hospital at a time. Instead of finishing med school to become a doctor, she chooses a different path and raises money for hospitals – new wings, equipment, whatever they need. Except there is one hospital she would be happy to never set foot in again--her fathers. So of course he hires her to create a gala for his sixty-fifth birthday. Charity can’t say no. Now she is working in the one place she doesn’t want to be. Except she’s attracted to Dr. Elijah Bennet, the handsome playboy chief. 
Will she ever prove to her father that’s she’s more than a med school dropout? Or will her attraction to Elijah keep her from repairing the one thing she desperately wants to fix? 

** This is NOT Erotica. It's Romance and a love story. ** 
* This is Part 1 of a Five book Romance Series. It does end on a cliffhanger*

Friday, March 27, 2015

Alpha: Day 8 with @DaleMayer

Day 8 of our 9 author "Alpha" bundle, releasing March 30th...

Dale Mayer

Book 2 in Series 

A twisted game of Hide’n Go Seek forces an unlikely alliance between a no-nonsense FBI agent and a search-and-rescue worker. 

Celebrated search-and-rescue worker Kali Jordon has hidden her psychic abilities by crediting her canine partner Shiloh with the recoveries. But Kali knows the grim truth—The Sight that she inherited from her grandmother allows her to trace violent energy unerringly to victims of violence. No one knows her secret until a twisted killer challenges her to a deadly game of Hide'n Go Seek that threatens those closest to her. 

Now she must rely on FBI Special Agent Grant Summers, a man who has sworn to protect her, even as he suspects there's more to Kali and Shiloh than meets the eye. As the killer draws a tighter and tighter circle around Kali, she and Grant find there's no place to hide. 

Are her visions the key to finding the latest victim alive or will this twisted game of Hide’n Go Seek cost her…everything?