Monday, January 13, 2020

Cubs for Rent #5

Wren thrives on being wicked. Haven needs to steer clear of his brand of trouble. They are both just trying to survive.

Most people consider Wren as born blessed. He has the looks of an angel, the morals of a devil, and isn’t afraid to use whichever trait he needs most for every situation. What his looks won’t buy him, his connections will. As the son of a famous actor, there isn’t a door in society blocked to him. Unfortunately, his father blew through his money long before dying of a drug overdose, leaving Wren to work to pay his way. It’s a good thing he has a body men can’t resist and a personality to match. The last thing he needs is a controlling ex BDSM master getting in his way.
Haven aka Mister is just trying to get through the day. Between his bestselling BDSM how-to books and his job at Cubs for Rent, he isn’t hurting for money, but his personal life is a different story. It’s dead in the water. After ruining his relationship with the only man Haven cares to love, he has no intentions of ever dating again. He knows he’s poisonous and he won’t risk hurting anyone else. That’s exactly why he has to stay away from Wren. Too bad he can’t.
With an unexplainable draw pulling them closer together, it’s only a matter of time before they break. But there’s more to Wren than a pretty face, and he’s in bigger danger of losing everything than even he knows. Unless Haven can save him, that is.

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Cubs for Rent and a Rafflecopter

Kevin had given up on life before Jericho. Now he’ll stop at nothing to reclaim himself.

For years, Kevin lived in a full-time Dom/sub relationship with his ex. It was a position his ex used to keep Kevin weak and malleable. Now he’s free from all that, but he’s not whole anymore. He let those years break something inside him that Kevin doesn’t know how to fix. Meeting Jericho changes everything.
Before Kevin, Jericho didn’t date men. He didn’t date anyone. Jericho spent his life focused on his son. Now his son is grown and married, leaving Jericho to find himself again. He thinks working for Cubs for Rent will force him back into the world of single adults. Instead, Jericho can’t stop gravitating toward Kevin. He’s slightly terrified of what that could mean.
Kevin and Jericho are both starting from a place of having nothing to offer. For different reasons, they’re both a bad bet. But sometimes a gamble pays out big winnings. If only one would take the first chance.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Always Loyal

Every day Loyal watches him. The desire gets bigger with each passing moment. It’s only a matter of time before it explodes.
After an accident left Loyal in a wheelchair, he’s spent his days fighting to regain the freedom he’s lost. As much as he needs help, Loyal doesn’t want to be pitied. When a blast from the past volunteers his time to make Loyal’s home wheelchair friendly, Loyal has every intention of staying out of Toby’s way. He knows Toby could never forgive him for the past. Loyal never intends to fall back into the same role he played with Toby for years. Life doesn’t care about Loyal’s good intentions.
Toby has known Loyal most of his adult life. For a long time, he considered Loyal his best friend. There’s no way he’ll turn his back when Loyal needs him most, even if every second in Loyal’s company completely breaks him. Unfortunately, the more time Toby spends with Loyal, the more he can’t escape the truth. Loyal will always be the only one for Toby.
As one owner of Cubs for Rent—a business that rents men for dates, home repairs, or simply to keep someone company, Toby has countless men vying for his attention. Loyal is the only one he can’t shake. They’ll have to face the past and all its secrets if they hope to find their way. Tall order doesn’t even begin to describe that endeavor.
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Monday, November 4, 2019

Cubs for Rent 2 + Giveaway

When artless meets masterful, it’s a battle of opposites attract. The prize is a lifetime of happiness.

Orion is caustic and bitter. He doesn’t like people, nor does he enjoy their company. There’s nothing Orion needs beyond a good book. But Tucker keeps coming around and Orion doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want it to stop. As one owner of Cubs for Rent—a male escort service—Tucker already has too many men chasing him. Orion has no intention of joining the flock. Life doesn’t care what he wants.
When Tucker met Orion, Orion accused him of being a liar and shut him down on every level. For someone who’s used to getting any man he wants, Orion is an irresistible challenge. He’s awkward and cranky. His head is always in the clouds and Tucker wants Orion with every fiber of his being. But this might be the one time Tucker doesn’t get his way.
Orion has already suffered enough heartaches in his life, but Orion wants Tucker. That’s a truth he can’t shake. For once, Orion might have to set aside his books and live. How terrifying.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cubs for Rent + Giveaway

Same situation. Different man. It’s a beautiful mess.

After falling for a male escort, and losing him through his own stupidity, Henry meets Tanner. Tanner is tall, dark, and handsome. He’s also young, wealthy, and doesn’t need Henry at all. But Henry is right back in the same boat he’s been in for years, paying someone half his age to spend time with him. Even though Tanner keeps refunding his money, Henry can’t let himself believe Tanner wants him for real. His mistrust is making him miserable, but Henry doesn’t know how to stop.
As one owner of Cubs for Rent—a company that rents men for dates, repairmen, or simply for company, Tanner doesn’t need anyone to take care of him. When he met Henry, Tanner’s only intention had been to get the man out of his friend’s hair. Then, Henry kept calling and booking time with Tanner. Tanner kept accepting and feelings he didn’t want grew. Henry is sweet and insecure. He’s gentle and awkward. Henry is everything that Tanner finds irresistible. It’s too bad Henry is also too blind to see Tanner’s interest as real, because Tanner is tired of trying to convince him.
When Tanner pulls away and meets someone his age, Henry will have to come out of his shell and step up his game. Hopefully, he’s not too late.

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Monday, September 30, 2019

The Final Daddy... maybe.

Yaro and Pytor have been a couple for as long as they have memories. Legend has no one. The longtime couple are about to change that.

Since cancer stole Legend’s mom, he has been completely alone in the world. He has never considered himself smart or talented in any way. His looks and ability to charm anyone have kept him from ending up homeless by working as an escort. Everyone is willing to hire Legend as arm candy, but no one wants him for him. Each time Legend meets someone he is truly interested in dating, they are already in love with someone else. Pytor and Yaro are no exception. At least, that’s what he thinks.
Pytor and Yaro have always been together. Neither man can recall a time without the other. Not once have they considered sharing their lives with anyone else. Until they meet Legend, that is. Legend is beautiful and sweet. He’s an old soul who needs a place to rest. Yaro and Pytor want to give him the home he desperately needs, but Legend is a little harder to convince than they expected.
After a botched attempt at making things work, the longtime couple will have to prove they aren’t like everyone else Legend has met in the past. That’s a tall order, considering Legend has every intention of completely disappearing from their lives.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

A New Sugar Baby

This isn’t love, but their feelings are just as intense and unwavering. It’s hate… Maybe.
Falcon’s best friend used to date the world’s biggest nightmare. Mason is conceited, self-serving, and out for only himself. Falcon hates him. He’ll do anything to keep Mason away from Dillion. That’s how Falcon ends up a guest at a weekend destination wedding he has no desire to attend, but he can’t let Dillion go alone. It’s a plan that seems perfect until Mason ends up in the wrong bed.
There was a time when Mason would have gone to any length to get Dillion back. Now, he’s just trying to get through this wedding with his pride intact. It’s a hope that’s dashed the minute he makes a wrong turn on the way to his room. Or did he?
With no chance of ever being with Dillion again, Mason tries moving on, but the direction he’s headed seems every bit as doomed. Even though Falcon hates him, he keeps coming around. Each time Mason finds himself in Falcon’s company, it seems like the world is conspiring to throw them together. Except the truth is a bit more lurid, and their secret has them in real danger of losing everyone they care about.