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Charity Parkerson

No Rival, book 4
Using unmatched skill and intelligence, Kurt captures the attention of every partner he desires. His ability to confuse his prey keeps them captivated. This trick has never failed him. That is, until he meets McKenna. As an author, McKenna has gone to great lengths to ensure the details of her erotic books are airtight. When Kurt challenges one of her scenes, she doesn’t hesitate to take up his offer to prove his theory. The bad boy MMA fighter appeals to her on every level. Kurt’s intelligence stimulates her mind even as his touch sets her body on fire.  In spite of those things, McKenna has no intention of adding her name to his list of ex-lovers.
McKenna’s odd behavior exasperates Kurt. She is an addiction he cannot shake. But somehow the two of them make the combination of his OCD logic and her unbalanced nature work.
Inside Scoop: There are a couple hot but brief male/male encounters as well as a handcuff scene that may have you reaching for the fan.

A Romantica® contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.
An Excerpt From: UNBALANCED
Copyright © CHARITY PARKERSON, 2014
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
She wasn’t wearing shoes. Funnily enough, it was the first detail about her that caught his eye. At a table, in public, Kurt found her shoeless state odd. There were a thousand tiny things about her he should have noticed first. Without a doubt, her plain black t-shirt, yoga pants and the overall lack of effort toward her appearance allowed her to blend into the background. It shouldn’t have mattered. Kurt wasn’t usually so blind. None of those points stole an ounce of power from her beauty. There wasn’t a hint of makeup marring her face. Blonde curls piled on her head held in place by some sort of clip. Something about her eyes held him captivated. They were unfocused as they moved across the pages of the book she held between her hands. In spite of that, he felt sure she absorbed every word, only on a different plane than others would.
He moved closer. The lack of footwear became an obsession. Curiosity ate at him. He needed to know why. The coffee shop located inside a G. Richards’ Bookstore had a sign posted clearly on the front door. “No shoes. No service.” Once Kurt managed to snag the chair directly across from her, he bent at the waist. Under the guise of dropping a napkin, he peered under the edge of her table. Suspicions confirmed. His brows drew together in a frown as he sat up.
After a moment of staring at the corner, he couldn’t stand it any longer.
“Your feet are bare.”
Lifting her gaze from the book between her hands, she blinked several times. He could practically see her dragging her mind away from whatever cloud it was on.
“Your feet,” he repeated. “They have no shoes on them.”
“Oh. I’d forgotten.” She immediately dismissed him by returning to her reading.
“You’re inside a business. They serve food.”
She didn’t bother glancing his way as she responded.
“If that bothers you, I won’t mention the state of my underwear.”
He had to know. “Did you forget those, as well?”
That got her attention. A line formed between her eyes as if his question was too stupid for her to fathom.
“How does someone forget their underwear?”
“How does a person forget their shoes?” He shot back.
Tilting her head to one side, she seemed to think it over for a moment before responding. “Is this a trick question?”
Kurt scoffed as he reminded her of the obvious. “You’re not wearing them.”
Her mouth turned up in one corner in such a way his gaze immediately shot to her lips. “I’m aware.”
Unable to keep the exasperation from his voice, Kurt sighed. “You said you’d forgotten your shoes. It stands to reason then, you would know how one goes about it.”
Setting her book aside, she nodded slowly as if giving his theory due consideration. “Your logic is sound,” she admitted after a moment. Finally, they were getting somewhere. She immediately ruined it by adding, “Except, I said no such thing. Therefore, I cannot help you.”
There was a moment where he had nothing. He couldn’t recall a single incident where anyone had caused his mind to go blank. His brain was always on the move, slightly dissatisfied with his lot. She’d wiped him clean. Her blue eyes focused on him fully as if awaiting his next move. When he wasn’t quick enough, she released a heavy sigh.
“If you must know, when I got here I realized I had on two different colored shoes so I took them off.”
Without waiting to see his reaction, she flipped her book up between them, shutting him out. A part of him wanted to laugh at her confession. He was too fascinated. Not to mention, with his curiosity assuaged he really wanted to hear more about the rest.
“What about your underwear?”
She ignored him. He bit back a smile. His mind whirled back to life and he searched for a new way to insert himself into her company. Tilting his head, he read the title blocking her eyes from his gaze. The Ins and Outs of BDSM. Catchy title. Switching his gaze to the other items scattered across her table, he took note of another book on bondage as well as some handwritten notes. As far as he could tell by what she’d scratched out, she was either intent on rocking some dude’s world or plotting one hell of a murder.
He braced his elbows on the table, lowering his voice where only she could hear. “I have handcuffs back at my place.”
She set the book aside. Mimicking his pose, her eyes shone with mirth as she pitched her voice low, as well. “I have a Taser in my handbag.”
Holding back his laughter, Kurt didn’t miss a beat. “Kinky,” he said, adding a wink. “I like it.”
Snorting, she slapped her hand over her mouth and nose as if she couldn’t believe what she’d done.
“I’m Kurt,” he offered before she could escape into her mind again.

He had handcuffs. She bet he did. The only statement Kurt had made that McKenna found surprising was that they were back at his place. The in-your-face piercings, tattoos and biker boots look had her expecting him to whip them out right then and slam them down on the table between them. Why did she attract all the weirdoes? She was the weirdo whisperer. They found her everywhere she went. Of course, she was the real dumbass in the equation because she’d given him her name.
“Are you studying to become a Madam?”
“Where are you from?” It wasn’t an attempt to block on McKenna’s part. She really didn’t want to talk about her work with a stranger but he had an odd accent. Perhaps it was more that he didn’t have an accent at all yet he spoke as if English was not his first language.
“Here and there.”
He was wasting her time. She didn’t like time stealers.
“I have things to do.” The words popped out. It happened more often than she liked. Still, she didn’t know him. Why should she be thrust into polite conversation? Deciding she shouldn’t, McKenna pulled her notebook closer. She didn’t know where her pen had gone.
“Are you looking for this?” A triumphant smile lit his face as she spotted her pen between his fingers. He turned it over in his hands and peered closer at it. “Hmm, McKenna Jones, Bestselling Author. Interesting. Am I to assume you are the McKenna Jones who is referenced on this pen?”
An inner groan sounded loud inside her head. She wanted to kick her own ass. The pens were meant for fans but nine times out of ten, she ended up keeping them for herself. She went through a lot of ink. Of course, it had never occurred to her they would lead a psycho to her door.
This time she was blocking. “How am I supposed to be responsible for what you assume? You are a grown man.”
His eyes hooded at her words. Damn. Hadn’t being an erotica author taught her anything? It was hard work weighing her every response to make sure it couldn’t be misconstrued once it left her mouth.
“You haven’t seen the whole package…yet. I’m still capable of growing a bit more.”
She could stab him in the eye. Well, probably she couldn’t but she could make him her bitch in her next book.
His eyes lit with challenge. “How do you intend to make me your bitch?”
Oh dear. She really needed to pay closer to what her mouth was doing while her mind was otherwise engaged. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
His lips parted as if she’d shocked him speechless with her blatant lie. Lying was her job. Why were people surprised by it? He made an obvious attempt to recover.
“You just…” he paused and a new light entered his green eyes. “Oh. I see. You’re crazy.”
Ouch. McKenna dropped her gaze to the notebook shutting him out. This was why she didn’t like people. They didn’t understand. A word she’d written earlier caught her attention. Everything else disappeared. She needed to Google fetishes. These books weren’t helping. There wasn’t a single reference to any of the unique fetishes people had. She really wanted Luke to have some freaky thing he enjoyed doing in the bedroom. Of course, it couldn’t be anything too strange or she wouldn’t be able to help Lacey fall in love with him. Damn. Sometimes it was hard making characters do what she wanted. Every time she thought she had the storyline figured out one of them would end up falling for a side character instead. This damn deadline was staring her in the face. Everyone wanted the sexy fireman to end up with Lacey. Neither of her stubborn characters wanted to listen to her.
McKenna was halfway through packing up her belongings before she realized Kurt was gone. An unexpected pang hit her in the chest. It was stupid. Her mind was crowded with people who wouldn’t quit talking long enough for her to have any peace. Sliding her notebook closer, she moved to flip it closed but at the last second, she spotted two words written on the page in someone else’s handwriting.
“I’m sorry.”
The twinge hit her again. Reaching up she rubbed the spot in her chest that was aching. It was ridiculous she should be so lonely when she was never alone. The words blurred and McKenna blinked back tears. The bastard had stolen her pen.

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Kylie Scott's Lead-- my review

Lead Kylie Scott BANNER

Title: Lead (Stage Dive, #3)

Author: Kylie Scott

Publication Date: July 29, 2014

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

goodreads 81pip68IyiL._SL1500_  


Stay up all night with the sexy rockers in Stage Dive, the epic rock star romance series from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott, author of Lick and Play. As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, whether it's booze, drugs, or women. However, when a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call about his life and lands him in rehab, he finds himself with Lena, a new assistant to keep him out of trouble.   Lena's not willing to take any crap from the sexy rocker and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry. But when Jimmy pushes her too far and Lena leaves, he realizes that he may just have lost the best thing that ever happened to him.  


“Lena, you seen my old black Led Zep shirt?” “Nope.” “You sure?” His brows became one dark cranky line. The scratches on his face were healing well, thank goodness. Though it didn’t reduce my desire to throttle his mother on a daily basis. “Yes. I haven’t seen it.” Can’t find it anywhere…” “And this is a surprise, how?” I slipped my hands into my back jean’s pockets. “Jimmy, you own more clothing than Cher, Brittney, and Elvis, put together. Things are bound to go missing.” “Sure you haven’t seen it?” “For goodness sake, what do you think, Jimmy? That I stole it to sleep in or something?” I laughed bitterly. Sure as hell, the truth deserved a good mocking. I’d sunk so despicably low. I hadn’t even meant to steal the stupid thing, but the shirt had been mixed up with my laundry a few days ago. It’d been the first top I laid my hand on after stepping out of the shower, ready to go to bed. Without thought, I’d put it on and it’d been so soft, the scent of him lingering beneath the laundry detergent. Every night since, I’d found myself in it come bedtime. My shame knew no limits. And no, I still hadn’t quit. The words still hadn’t come even close to leaving my mouth. He frowned. “No.” “That I have some deep secret longing to feel close to you resulting in my stealing your shirt like some creepy perv?” “Course I don’t fucking think that,” he replied crankily, reaching up to grip the top of the doorframe. All of his bulging muscles stretched the arms of his white T-shirt in the nicest way. It was all I could do not to start drooling, my heart beat taking up residence somewhere down between my thighs. And who could blame it? Not me. Maybe if I got laid, this would go away and things would return to normal. It’d seemed safer to avoid rubbing up against any men just in case I got carried away and started dating again. This new situation, however, changed everything. “Well, of course not! That would be crazy.” And wasn’t that the god’s honest truth? Cray-zeee. Lock me up and throw away the key because it wasn’t like I didn’t know better. “Just can’t figure out where the hell it could be.” Angels couldn’t have smiled as innocently. They might have tried, but they would have failed, the dirty-mouthed, winged, little liars. “Jimmy, I don’t know where it is. But I’ll look around for it later, okay?” “Yeah,” he said, and then added as an afterthought, “and stop looking at me weird.” “I’m not!”  

The Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott

Stage Dive Series

Lick (Stage Dive #1)

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | B&N | Goodreads

Play (Stage Dive #2)

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | B&N | Goodreads

Lead (Stage Dive, #3)

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | B&N | iTunes


Coming January 6th, 2015

Deep (Stage Dive #4)


Pre - Order

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | B&N | Goodreads


About Kylie Scott

Kylie Scott

Kylie is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and one delightful husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads

Check out more of Kylie’s work

The Flesh series | Colonist’s Wife | Heart’s A Mess


love 2


My Review

I went into reading Lead with the sure knowledge I would love it, since I always love Kylie Scott’s books. On the other hand, when I left Jimmy behind in book one, I wanted to slap his face. That gave me reservations, but I trusted the author to fix it and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m not sure if anyone will ever be able to replace Mal as my favorite, but Jimmy tried. He is definitely one smoking hot lover. His dirty talking ways had me fanning my face and steaming up my ereader. On with the review:
Lena has a problem keeping jobs. Her tongue refuses to obey and gets her fired more often than it should. Her rage over her sister’s betrayal and her latest job loss, land her in the home of Jimmy Ferris as his sobriety companion. Picking up at the end of book two, Jimmy is turned inside out by the loss of the woman who was like a second mother to him after his real mother abandoned him as a teenager. In his grief, his hard-nosed ways slip just long enough for Lena to get a peek at his heart. She’s hooked. As Lena’s love grew and she dug her heels in determined to strip away his walls, I was rooting for her all the way. I still wanted to punch him in the face. His sticking up for her with her sister went a long way toward winning me. By the time I got to see the man behind his hardened mask, my heart was every bit as much of a mess as Lena’s. Jimmy was simply devastating. This book was 10 times more heartfelt than its hilarious predecessors, but every bit as wonderful. If I could give it 6 stars, I would.
My favorite quotes:

‘”Stop hanging around the door when I’m showering. That’s creepy.” I rolled my eyes. It wasn’t like I could see anything through the keyhole. Let’s pretend I didn’t try.”

“He lay on his stomach, ribs working hard to give him back his breath. I’d done that to him, me and my vagina. Go team.”

“My mouth, I want to kill it slowly and painfully in many and varied ways.”

Lead releases July 29th, if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, why are you still reading this?

**NetGalley Review** 

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Copyright: watiporn / 123RF Stock Photo
I'm happy to announce Undefeated and The Sexy & The Undead are both finalist for 2014 Readers' Favorite awards. Undaunted and Claimed by Sin are finalist for a 2014 Golden Ankh. Any time something wonderful happens in my writing career, it makes me want to get personal and tell y'all how much I love y'all. Not to mention, it makes me want to tell you how much my books mean to me.

Let's start with Undefeated. It has been the biggest surprise of all my books. I love it. It came from a dark place inside me. It's the book that has the most of me in it, even going as far as having a personal experience from my life inside. I'll let you try to guess which it is ;-) Never in my wildest dreams did I think people would react as they have to it. I thought only my family would read it. For some reason, it's been the one people have reached out to me over the most. Thank you for loving my hardened fighters as much as I have.

The Sexy & The Undead is the opposite side of the spectrum. I wrote the first in the series coming off the depression of ending my "Sinners" series. It was heartbreaking saying good bye to characters who had been with me for so long. In response, I wrote what I feel is my funniest to-date story. Ella, Samuel, Tam and Freddie kept me roaring with laughter. I know my neighbors think I'm insane and way too many times I caught myself laughing in the grocery store when I thought up a new situation for the group of crazy super-naturals. Only God knows how happy it makes me to know it has brought joy to readers. I understand not everyone who reads my books will love me. Those of you who do love my books, you've made every exposure of my soul worth it. Every bad review and doubt I've suffered--you're worth it. If I gave you an escape from the harshness of life, for even a second, then it's all been worth it.

Undaunted and Claimed by Sin are new titles. There's no way I could've guessed they'd fly straight into the award-receiving category. How do I express the level in which I'm blown away by that? There aren't enough thank yous in the world. {{HUGS}}

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Today I have @LisaSuzanne24 #WTRAFSOG

How He Really Feels (He Feels, Book 1)

Julianne Becker is desperately in love with her boss, Nick Matthews. She has daydreamed about him since the day she first met him a year earlier, but she is firmly stuck in the friend-zone until New Year’s Eve, when the game completely changes and she finds out how Nick really feels about her. They embark on a sexy affair that’s everything Julianne ever dreamed of... except she can’t tell anyone about it. What will happen if anyone finds out about their secret relationship? And how will her lifelong best friend, Travis Miller, react when Julianne begins a relationship with someone who isn’t him?

How He Really Feels is a novel that explores relationships and love between coworkers and friends. It contains some adult situations and is intended for mature readers.

This is the first book in the He Feels Trilogy

Pick up your copy of the WHAT TO READ AFTER FSOG GEMSTONE COLLECTION 3 here:  


“I found myself completely lost in the story and hated when it had to come to an end… Romantic and steamy, a perfect combo.” –Nikki S., Winding Stairs Book Blog
“Lisa Suzanne was able to spin a love and lust filled storyline with so much feeling that my heart felt like it was literally bursting out of my chest!” –Kelly, Kiss and Tell Reviews
“This author has an excellent way of using dialogue between the characters.” –Emily, The SubClub Books Blog
“I feel the budding of a wonderful writer in our presence.” –Desiree, The Book Bar



Who cared that I didn’t have anyone to kiss at midnight? The important thing was that this was the end of an old year and the start of a brand new one, and I had several goals in mind for this new year. The most important, of course, being Nick. I would find a way to push past this professional business friendship relationship we had formed. I would find a way to kiss him, hold him, make love to him in this new year.

It was my resolution, and I was determined to make it happen.

Everyone raised their glasses in the air and counted along, “Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” I glanced over at Lucy, whose lips were locked to Jake’s, and then Travis, who was kissing Brooke. I smiled, happy for my friends despite my lack of a man to kiss at midnight, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around, and my heart stopped as my eyes met Nick’s. Utter shock hit me as I realized that he was actually here. And he looked fucking sexy in a black suit with a gray shirt under it, open at the collar. He had just a shadow of a beard, making him look rugged and manly, and his hair was mussed perfectly in every direction. I was so dazed that he was standing in front of me that I was rendered momentarily speechless.

The room suddenly got very quiet around me, and all I could do was stare at him. His eyes never left mine as he brought both of his hands up to cup my cheeks and I was certain at that moment that he was going to kiss me. My heart slammed into my ribs and then my eyes closed automatically as his lips brushed mine just once. Every nerve ending in my body was alight with electricity at our connection. He clutched me close against his chest in a quick embrace. “Happy New Year,” he murmured, his breath tickling close against my ear, sending shivers down my spine. And then, as if it had all been a dream, he was gone. 


Tell us a little about the book you have included in the What to Read after FSOG Gemstone Collection Three.
Lisa: I have included How He Really Feels, which is the first book I published. The follows Julianne Becker, who is in love with her boss and who has a lifelong best friend who is keeping a secret from her.
Is this book part of a series?
Lisa: Yes! It was originally intended to be a standalone, but I got so many questions about what happened next that I decided to expand the story. The first book doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, but the second and third books answer all of your questions. All three are now published and available for purchase!
Do you have any other books that you have published?
Lisa: Aside from the He Feels Trilogy, I have also published two standalone novels, Separation Anxiety and Side Effects.
When and why did you start writing?
Lisa: I have written probably since I was in high school. It has always been a hobby of mine, but I started to get serious about the idea of publishing once I got past my shyness and shared one of my books with my husband. He was the one who encouraged me to publish.
How long does it take you to write a book?
Lisa: It varies, but typically I can write a full-length novel (75-95K words) in about a month.
Are your characters or stories based on real people or completely made up?
Lisa: My characters are completely made up.
Do your character names just come to you? Or do you have to think about them?
Lisa: Typically character names just come to me. There have been a few times where I’ve had to really think about what name would fit perfectly for a character, but those tend to be secondary characters. The main ones usually just stand out to me in some way.
How do you come up with your titles?
Lisa: I agonize over titles. I had about thirty work-in-progress titles for How He Really Feels before it stuck. What I liked about it was the fact that it was ambiguous.
Is there a routine you have before you settle down to write?
Lisa: I have to have a drink (usually coffee in the morning, water during the day, and either wine, vodka, or cherry whiskey at night), and I have to have music.
Does your family know what you write?
Lisa: Yes, but it took me about six months before I told my parents my pen name. And the really funny thing is that my pen name is my first and middle name.
What would you do if your grandmother said she wanted to read your book?
Lisa: I’d give her a signed copy. I was pretty shy at first, but now that I’ve published five novels, I’m proud of what I’ve done.
While You Write:
Favorite Snack Food? Twizzlers or Pirates Booty
Drink of Choice? Water or Cherry Whiskey
Music or Silence? Music
Biggest Distraction? Facebook
Favorite Game Show?
The Price is Right
Favorite Reality Show? The Bachelor
Favorite 90s Band? Stone Temple Pilots
Whiskey or Vodka? I can’t make decisions like this
Favorite Song? Currently “Peace” by O.A.R.
Favorite book growing up? Freaky Friday


Lisa Suzanne started handwriting her books on yellow legal pads after she took a creative writing class in high school. She still has those legal pads full of stories, but now one of them is published under the title How He Really Feels. She currently works as a full time high school English teacher, and her favorite part of the year is summer. She has been blessed with the world’s best dog, a supportive family, and a husband who encouraged her to publish after reading one of her novels. She likes the advice of Ernest Hemingway’s famous quote, “Write drunk. Edit sober.”



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Sexy and Absorbing


What does it take to secure a heart? Meet the men who know the answer—Smith Security Services.
 Shannon, Weave, and Bob all grew up together with the common goal of becoming the next big thing in MMA. Being the children of some of the biggest names in the fighting circuit cast huge expectations on each of them. In an attempt to find their own way in the world, they’ve ventured into the private security field.
 Ensuring the safety of their clients isn’t always an easy task. It’s a job made even more complicated when they meet an eccentric fashion designer, several drag queens, a few quirky F.B.I. agents, and end up uncovering a hot bed of black op activity.
 However, no amount of training could prepare them for their biggest challenge—hanging onto their hearts. 


Wire covered lights that hung from a concrete ceiling were the only part of the tunnels that registered in Gracie’s fog-filled brain. She tried to count them as they flew past, in attempt to cling to reality, but no matter how hard she blinked her eyes they refused to focus. The man who carried her in his arms was wearing black SWAT gear, and not an inch of his skin was showing. Finally, he stopped. She tried even harder to bring the world into focus but one section of her brain recognized that something horrible lurked on the other side of her shock. She continued to shy away from acknowledging it.
“Sorry about this, but I need to check you for injuries.”
His voice sounded soothing as he laid her gently on the floor and started stripping her out of her clothes. She barely registered the cold air as it hit her skin. She recognized she should be feeling embarrassed, or even outraged, but not a single feeling could penetrate her mind. He reached up, pulling his ski mask over his head. Then the sound of ripping Velcro rent the air as he tugged off a bulletproof vest. His eyes appeared wonderfully sweet, and she focused on their amber color, as if she were dangling from a lifeline.
“I’m Jacob Cook. Do you know your name?”
“It’s Gracie St. John,” she forced out the whispered words, and he nodded.
“Gracie, you didn’t take any direct hits but you’ve been grazed twice. It doesn’t appear to need stitches—it’s more of a severe burn mark. I realize you’re in shock and probably won’t be able to stand, but I need to get this blood off of you, okay?”
He left the room and she started to scream for him not to leave her, but he was back as quickly as he left. He lifted her nude body into his arms and carried her into the bathroom where he had turned on the shower earlier. Then, in a move she wasn’t expecting, he stepped into the shower with her in his arms—fully dressed in combat boots and all. 

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Get yours before the sale ends soon. Make sure to check the price before downloading. 

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Which side will you choose?


(Science Fiction, love story, apocalyptic, alpha males, strong females, Cyborgs, futuristic, F/M & M/M, sexy romance)

A world on edge...
The “Cyborg” team has kept one eye glued to the unrest inside the A.I. community for some time. Each member understands the ramifications of a revolt. If war is declared, they could find themselves on the opposite side of the law. One tiny detail changes Miles’ stance. Solving the case he’s worked since meeting Alexia could be the deciding factor. Left with no other choice, Miles orders his second in command to move to plan ‘B’—Dr. Kiston Beck.
A woman caught in the middle...
Kiston has stood with the Androids since her teenage years. Her inside knowledge of Cryo-Zone—an all-droid community—could mean the difference between a war lost or won. Convincing her to go against all she believes to be right is another matter.
Kiston has no idea what the Cybernetics Agency thinks she possesses. There hasn’t been a human alive who cared to hear her opinion in years. The one detail she’s absolutely sure about is that they sent the wrong team member if they hoped to seduce the information from her.
Cyborg Two is every woman’s dream. His wide shoulders, alpha ways and smoldering glances leave her breathless. Unfortunately, his biggest flaw is one too many for Kiston. He believes she’s crazy.
But is it too late?
After a botched kidnapping, a concussion and near-death experience, can Miles and his team still convince Kiston to join them, or will their brand of friendship end up destroying the world?


The worst things always happened to Kiston when she was minding her own damn business. She always steered clear of trouble and never intentionally put herself in harm’s way. Nonetheless, it seemed she was always dealing with some form of bullshit. Today was no exception. Clutching her purse to her chest with her tightly bound hands while sandwiched between two burly, combat-ready men, Kiston eyed the man sitting on the loveseat across from her with malice. He ignored her obvious hatred. Fucker.
“I find her reactions odd.”
Kiston had been so intent on killing the man with her death stare, when he spoke it caught her off guard. No one responded. He continued without encouragement.
“Most women would be screaming and crying. She is merely pissed.”
Great. She’d been kidnapped by a fucking genius. Rolling her eyes, she switched her attention to the door behind him, attempting to will someone to find her and ignoring the man’s golden gaze. He wasn’t a droid. In fact, none of the three men in the room moved like a machine, but their eyes glowed, proving they were all—at the very least—sixty-percent computerized. Of course, that tidbit of knowledge didn’t help explain why they’d stolen her from the street. On a normal day, she was better liked by A.I.s than anyone. In the human world, she was considered odd. It seemed today she was an oddity to both sides. Awesome.
“I’m tempted to remove the gag,” the guy to her left said, drawing her attention. He was a blond giant who took up too much space. “It might be fun to hear her describing all the ways she intends to disembowel you … again.”
Inside her head, an evil smile stretched across her face, and she was cackling with maniacal laughter. Oh yeah. She’d earned her gag. 

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Author Bio:

Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora's Cave Publishing, Midnight Books, and Punk & Sissy Publications. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters. 

*2013 Readers' Favorite Award Winner
*2013 Reviewers' Choice Award Winner
*ARRA Finalist for Favorite Paranormal Romance
*Five-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath

Connect with her online:


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Dark Secrets and @MadelinePryce

To celebrate the release of Dark Secrets (Dark #2), Madeline Pryce is giving away her entire back list! That is three full-length novels: Dark Cravings - Dark #1, Dark Secrets – Dark #2, and Crimson sins – BiD #1 & three novellas: Dark Innocence – Dark #1.5, Claiming Ecstasy and Wicked Magic.

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Dark Secrets (Dark #2)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419991370
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Theme: Vampire/Demon (a few shape shifters thrown in there…)
Length: 85,000 words

The worst moment of Micah’s life was when Ella nearly died in his arms. Her miraculous recovery should have been the start of their future. Unfortunately, a new demonic heritage, the Shadow Agency’s corruption and Julian, the vampire who turned Ella, are testing their relationship. Despite hotter-than-ever sex and a variety of new places and positions to explore, Micah begins to wonder if a relationship based on lust can survive for more than a few scorching-hot months.
Ella has forgiven, but not forgotten, the fact that Micah once plunged a dagger through her heart. Everything with Micah is passion, excitement and an uncontrollable desire to explore his body in a variety of very satisfying ways. But as buried secrets, ongoing lies and murderous deceptions pile up, Ella is reminded that she and Micah’s relationship was based on a curse. In order to forge a future together, Ella and Micah will have to face down their personal demons—and prove that love and trust are more than just words.
A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Series Reading Order
Dark Cravings (#1 Ella/Micah – 85k)
Dark Innocence (#1.5 Hannah – 45k)
Dark Secrets (#2 Ella/Micah – 85k)
Dark Vengeance (#2.5 Castro – 45k) – release date coming soon!
Dark Promises (#3 Ella/Micah) – Spring 2015

Excerpt (Rated R)
I popped the button on his pants and trailed my tongue over the curve of his jaw. “Does it matter? Julian can wait.”

Micah growled and spun me to the dresser, lifting to set me on top. He slapped a palm against the wall above my head, caging me in. Escape, although I didn’t want it, would have been near impossible.

“Don’t even say his name. One day, I’m going to rip out his spinal cord.” The coarse golden hair dusting his jaw rasped against my cheek as he took my mouth in a kiss that sent us both spiraling.

The aggression lurking inside him coalesced. Demanding. Rough. He moved his hands over my body, exploring me as if we’d not already memorized every inch of each other earlier that day at the Vault. Mindless to anything except the male body in front of me, I was lost to all reason.
I threaded my fingers through his hair, holding him against me. I stroked my tongue against his, addicted to the taste of him. When I tilted my head to the side, our teeth clanked. Our embrace deepened as he dug his hands into the soft flesh at my hips and slid me close. He ground his body against mine and devoured me.

The demon lurking under the surface made me yearn for it to claim me. Never breaking the kiss, Micah moved the material covering my breast aside and cupped the tender weight. A sharp spike of need ran straight to my core. His hands were callused, the perfect texture moving across my sensitive nipple. The sudden need pulsing through me was going to tear me in half.

When he released my mouth, I gasped for breath. The sensations he caused had me clutching the corded muscles at his back. Featherlight, such a contrast to the frenzied need to mate surging between us, his lips moved across my cheek to my neck.

“I want your hair down.”

He tugged at a few things and within seconds, my painstakingly created up-do fell apart. He ran his hand through my curls. The gentle touch turned forceful. Forming a fist, he tugged, eliciting another needy moan when my head snapped to the side allowing the access he desired.
He nipped the scar on the side of my throat, the imprint of his teeth. I trembled from head to toe.

“Julian may get you tonight, but it’s me who you’ll smell like. My come inside your body. My marks on your flesh. I’ll make sure you remember the feel of my cock with every single step you take.”

Haven’t read the Dark series yet? Start with Dark Cravings (over 50 five star reviews on Amazon), it’s the first full length novel in the series…

Dark Cravings Blurb
Ella Grey's life sucks. A half-breed vampire, she does her best to pass the time killing demons and secretly admiring her Shadow Hunter partner, Micah. He's hot, dangerous and knows it. He'd be just Ella's type if he weren't likely to kill her the moment she put a toe out of line. 

A chance encounter with a succubus changes everything. From the second the succubus' spell washes over them, Ella and Micah are helpless to keep their hands off one another. The sex, when it's not leaving them on the verge of death, is earth shattering and for the first time in ages Ella is connected with someone on a level she'd feared lost forever. But a dangerous prophecy has been set into motion, and if Ella's not careful it'll pull her straight from Micah's arms and into the deepest bowels of the underworld.

A Romantica® Paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published under the title Blood Lust Rising. It has been revised and expanded for EC.

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Madeline Pryce wrote her first novel when she was ten, penned with neon-pink ink in a loose-leaf binder. Captivated by romantic literature, yet intrigued by the paranormal, she continues to develop her own voice, writing the kinds of stories that inspired her as a teen.

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