Thursday, June 23, 2016

Collide: #GBLT #Romance for #FREE

For three days only, you can pick up the first book in the Hard Hit series for FREE.


Shayne thinks he has nothing left to lose…
On his way home after losing his job, Shayne’s bad day goes farther downhill when a truck slams into him. The sexy man who pulls him from the wreckage, seeing him at his lowest, is either the best or worst thing to happen to Shayne in a long time.
Challenge accepted…
While Lincoln feels guilty for totaling Shayne’s car, he can’t regret having met the man. Something about Shayne calls to him on a new level and brings out a side in him even Lincoln can’t explain.
When these two opposites collide it’s only a matter a time before one falls.
Shayne’s first love will always be hockey. With the out-of-work goalie on the hunt for a new team, Lincoln knows their time together is short-lived. It’ll take a veteran player to sneak past the guard on Lincoln’s heart, but Shayne is up for the fight.

Monday, May 9, 2016

It pays to read with @KindleAlexander

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Don't miss @PassionateInk's Annual Party

Save the date: July 15th, 2016!

What: The Passionate Ink Annual Chapter PartyTheme: Masquerade Ball
Where: San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina
Grand Ballroom Salon 12; North Tower, Lower Level
When: FridayJuly 15th / 8 pm – 10:30 pm
Party starts 8 PM. Doors Open 7:30 PM. Box Office (onsite ticket sales) opens 7 PM

Join the Passionate Ink Chapter for a night of sensual glamor and mystery at RWA’s 2016 National Conference! Sip a scintillating concoction at our masquerade ball while playing games of intrigue with fellow guests from across the room. Nibble on decadent sweets as you celebrate our Passionate Plume winners and finalists for the Passionate Plume Contest, and dance the night away as you network with industry friends old and new!
  • This party is an over-21 event.
  • Guests will enjoy adult-themed giveaways and tastefully saucy entertainment.
  • Dressing up for the theme is encouraged! (Masks, tuxedos, ball gowns, evening gowns, etc., or your best upscale night-on-the-town outfit will do!)

Featuring Agents, Editors, and Publishers from erotic and steamy romance! Previous guests have included …

Carina Press, Harlequin
Boroughs Publishing Group
Entangled Publishing
RT Booklovers Convention
Grand Central Publishing/
Forever Romance
Bradford Literary Agency
Riverdale Avenue Books
Evernight Publishing
Take advantage of event Early Bird Pricing through June 1st -- Get your tickets here!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sexy Witches Trailer and Giveaway

Witching isn’t easy, and these magical hotties have their cauldrons full.

The Witch:
A potion gone wrong, or right?
Single, unemployed, and in charge of her very own pet zombie, Ella Perry is cooking up trouble, and it's raining men.
The Pixie:
Be careful what you wish for, or better yet, what you allow your friends to wish for.
As Samuel the Dark’s ward, Tam the Pixie is living in the mortal realm under the watchful eye of her guardian angel, Thomas. However, when she gives Thomas one free wish, she never expects that he’ll use it to turn her life upside down.
The Angel:
Temptation so strong you can taste it.
Guardian Angel Gideon Black has found a new career since being granted his freedom from the Heavens. Working as a professional fighter has given Gideon a place to release his powers. However, he has another outlet in mind—Skylar Jones.
The Devil:
Because only the dead go there…
Once upon a time, Rowena pulled Randall Cruz into a supernatural fight to regain her powers. In retaliation, Randall cast a spell that gave him the control she seeks. Except for a few angels, a zombie, and an outrageous pixie, Randall enjoyed his quiet life as owner of the local apothecary before Rowena pushed her way in. Since the day they met, he’s been forced to battle a pirate, give up wearing glasses, and now deal with the Devil. Every day, he braces for what will come next.
Undeniable attraction, struggle for dominance, and love to last through the ages comes to life in this battle for the only uncontrollable element-- the heart.

Sexy Witches

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About the Giveaway


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  • Magick After Midnight Boxed Set (ebook)
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Friday, April 22, 2016

Heart in Chains

When Connor Douglas takes a tropical island holiday, he hopes to leave heartbreak behind. Little does he know the extent of the danger and sexual temptation that awaits him.
Long after Jay Levesque has closed down his operations on the very same tropical island, the memory of Connor haunts him.
Warm nights and scorching sex has someone’s heart in chains.

Read the teaser:
Dazed, Connor looked down at his feet. The ankle with the locked metal cuff hurt. The soles of his feet were sweating onto the layer of sand that had found its way onto the insoles of his Birkenstocks. The handcuffs rubbed on his wrists. Thirst gripped him. Connor was miserable. He sat on the bed and bowed his head.

The two men left the hut.

Connor stood and tested how far the chain would let him walk. He could get to the table and remarkably into the shower. The chain grated along the tiled floor. Connor levered off his shoes and cooled his feet on the colored tiles. He sat on the bed again and rested his hands on his knees. He might be able to reach the shower, but he couldn’t do much in there handcuffed.
Confusion fought with fear in his mind and then a huge drench of sorrow overtook both.
What the fuck is going on? I wish Brad hadn’t left me. I wouldn’t be here if

The door opened.

Connor looked up. Jay stood there carrying a tray. He stepped in and kicked the door closed behind him. He strode to the table and put down the tray.

Connor watched stunned as Jay approached with a smile.
“I’m sorry, Connor. You see, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s necessary for you to be our guest for a short time.” He stood before Connor in a pair of faded jeans, bare foot, and bare chested, his muscular torso on display.

Connor sighed inwardly. Despite his situation, he couldn’t help gazing at the delicious man.
Jay bent and unlocked the handcuffs. He slipped them into his back pocket.
“That’s not good, Connor. Have you been trying to get them off?” He took Connor’s wrists in his hands one by one, and caressed the livid bracelets left on Connor’s skin.

The effect on Connor was immediate and unwelcome. His stomach clenched as he enjoyed the stroking along the inside of his wrists. In the back of his mind, he railed against himself. Don’t enjoy his touch you fool.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016, Encompass Ink


About Elodie:
I’m a writer who is in love with happy endings, currently based in southern UK.
I love: music, art, flowers, trees, the ocean. I work with antiques by day and words by night. Like a vampire, darkness is my friend, that’s when the silence is only broken by an occasional hoot of owls in the woodlands opposite my home, and I write.

Find Elodie online: Blog  Facebook  FB  TwitteTsu  Google +  G+  Pinterest  Blog 2  Tumblr  ManicReaders  Amazon

Monday, April 18, 2016

Break out now

Copyright © 2016 Charity Parkerson

Noah’s career means everything to him. That is, until he loses his true everything.
Noah has been in love with his best friend, Troy, for as far back as he can remember. There is no one else he can picture spending his life with. After signing a contract with the Blue Fires, Noah heads to New Orleans, ready to start his new life as a pro hockey player. With the career he’s always dreamed of having in his hands and the man he’s always loved in his bed, Noah thinks everything is golden.
But nothing could prepare Noah for how being the star player would change his life. Each time he finds a reporter’s mic underneath his nose, Noah can’t stop himself from pushing Troy farther away, making Troy the dirty secret. That is, until the day Troy has had enough.
With Troy gone, Noah can’t find his footing, but neither does he have the words to fix the things he’s broken. No matter how many times Noah picks up the phone, fear stops him from saying all the words he’s avoided. Until a single call and a tragic accident changes everything.
“He arrived at St. Luke’s Medical Center… Labels no longer counted. Opinions were out the window. Nothing mattered any longer.”

Hurt, anger, and bitterness have Noah throwing back the curtain, showing the world his every secret. But is it too little too late?

Falling across the couch, Noah stared at the face of his phone, attempting to will Troy into texting him. The device stayed black. After twenty minutes passed, Noah growled into the darkened room and tried calling once again. To his surprise, Troy answered on the second ring.
Noah ignored Troy’s tired-sounding tone. “Where are you?”
“Does it matter?”
“Yes,” Noah answered, drawing the word out and not bothering to hide his ire. “You’re supposed to be here.”
“Things were supposed to be different this weekend. I guess neither of us got what we wanted.”
“So you left with another man?”
“Do you really want to get self-righteous on that point?”
“Just tell me what you want from me, Troy.”
“You can’t give it,” Troy shot back without missing a beat.
Noah sat up, feeling at a disadvantage even without Troy being in the same room. “This is my dream. You’re right. I can’t walk away from it.”
Troy blew out a sigh. It sounded ridiculously loud through the phone. “I would never expect you to give up your career. Hell, if you ever hinted at such a thing, I’d beat the shit out of you. When you signed that contract, I felt like it was happening to me. That’s how happy I was for you.” An aggravated growl sounded over the line, making Noah wonder if Troy was running his hands through his hair, the way he always did when he was irritated. When he spoke again, Troy sounded calmer than Noah had heard him in a long time. It was oddly scarier than Troy’s fury. “Until you, I’ve never hidden from a damn thing in my life. Part of me wants to cling to whatever scraps you give because I love you that much, but my lungs burn from suffocating for too long beneath your ego. I can’t do this anymore. If you care about me at all, you’ll let me go.”
Noah’s eyes stung. Each breath came harder than the last. “How can you tell me you love me in one breath and say we’re over in the next?”
“Easy,” Troy answered, as if it truly was the simplest thing in the world. “You don’t love me too.”