Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A New Daddy

Easton’s been living one day at a time since his attack. Life has other plans for him.

Exactly one year ago, Easton’s life came crashing down. A vicious attack left him deeply scarred inside and out. From the ashes of his life, he’s rebuilt himself into someone new. His life is different in many ways, but—mostly—he’s found a better version of happiness in a new business. Opening his own bakery has been a lifesaver for him. He’s thrown himself into becoming a massive success. For the most part, he’s content. Until Nico walks in and shakes the foundation of Easton’s newfound peace.
After a year of watching over Easton from a distance, Nico has decided to take on a more hands-on approach. Easton is getting better, but he’s not really living, and Nico can’t put up with that anymore. He’s decided to take his self-imposed guardianship role to the next level and lure Easton out of his fear-encased shell. There are just a few problems with his plan. He loves Easton, Easton doesn’t think he deserves love, and Nico is carrying around one hell of a secret that could ruin everything.

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Friday, May 3, 2019

The first in a new series, Kinky Baby

Trace is young, hot, and used to being the boss. Hunter isn’t looking for any of that.
When Trace moved from California to Colorado, it was only business. Raised by great businessmen, everything Trace touches turns to gold. At twenty, he’s the youngest and most successful nightclub owner around. With an uncanny talent of always knowing the hottest trends, Trace has fattened his already bulging pockets. He’s content with focusing on his career. Then he meets Hunter, and nothing feels right anymore.
Hunter’s stress has stress. He doesn’t have time for a young, hot, too-much-of-everything guy. In fact, Hunter’s so busy drowning in debt and dealing with his son’s issues, he doesn’t have the energy for anyone. The last thing he needs is sexy, barely-classified-as-an-adult Trace taking over his life. But damn, Trace controls his every thought. Hunter doesn’t know where to go with that. All Hunter knows is, he’d better find a way to let Trace in or lose him forever.
Kinky Baby is the first in a new series, Sugar Babies—a series of M/M romances centered on younger men who take care of their daddies. No matter which kink you love, hopefully, there will be a sugar baby for you.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Daddy #12

The latest Sugar Daddy is now live! Sentry

Since losing his husband, Flynn has been waiting for a sign his life hasn’t stopped. He’s about to get one.
It’s been a few years since Flynn’s husband passed away. Since losing the love of his life, he’s been stuck in traction. He’s good at being a dom. Working at the Den of Payne keeps him busy. It’s not sexual. He doesn’t need the money. The job simply fills his empty days. Flynn is convinced his heart no longer works, and then he meets Jake.
Jake hates his life. Everything about it. Every day when he walks into work, he dreams of quitting and running away from his family’s expectations. The weight of being the perfect son, brother, and lawyer is crushing him. Jake can’t see a way out. Right when Jake thinks he’ll suffocate, Flynn pushes his way into Jake’s life. Flynn is controlling and dominant. He’s also loving and everything Jake never knew he needed.
Flynn’s refusal to allow Jake to disobey might just be the thing that finally sets Jake free. It’s possible becoming Jake’s daddy is what Flynn’s been preparing for his whole life too.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hellish #9

The new Hellish is now live!

Stryph is neither good nor bad. Meeting Amor is about to test that.
As one of Heaven’s weapons, Stryph walks alone. He has no soul to share. Considered neither good nor bad, Stryph keeps life’s balance. Every living being depends on his neutrality. It’s an existence that moved beyond weary several millennia ago. His only friend, Shepherd has found his mates. Now, Stryph’s longing for a nonexistent mate is twice as strong. It’s a predicament Goddess Celeste has a plan to fix.
Amor hates everyone equally, which is funny because he’s literally love. Being sent to Earth to deal with things he doesn’t care about, does nothing to improve Amor’s bitterness. But Amor loves Celeste, and it’s been years since he’s visited the watery planet that’s survived so many fits from darker gods. He plans to treat the trip like a vacation. Amor never expects Stryph.
When these two powerful and volatile beings meet, the explosion of emotions is real. Only time will tell what those feelings turn out to be. It could be love, hate, or simply lust. Or maybe they’ll just end the world.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Daddy #11

Sugar Port ebook

Kato doesn’t realize he needs a port. Until Brad storms in, that is.

Meeting Brad is a soothing balm to Kato’s soul. Since he lost his eyesight two years ago, nothing has been the same. Where he’d once been chased by all the men, now he feels like he’s nothing more than a burden on the only friend he has left. Then, Brad bursts into his life.
It’s been a year since Brad caught his ex cheating. Losing their seven-year relationship under such ugly circumstances has left Brad slightly bitter. He’s definitely less trusting than before. That’s why, when a sexy and much younger man catches his eye, Brad is determined to keep his heart out of the deal.
Two jaded men find common ground in the most unexpected way. But someone will have to be the first to take a chance on love if they hope to be more than a nighttime fling.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

A New Daddy

After months of push and pull, Law and Coy are the line between love and hate.

Since the day David brought Coy home, black and blue and in need of protection, Law has felt more than he should. Coy always takes him through every emotion. Law doesn’t want to want Coy. Coy is as dramatic as he is beautiful. He’s also the angriest person Law has ever met. Law is too old to deal with a sexy, young mess. He can’t stop.
It seemed the second Coy found himself working for Law, nothing he did was good enough. No matter how hard he tries, Law finds him lacking. That doesn’t explain why Law looks at him like no one ever has or why Coy burns for Law’s touch. Most of all, Law makes him feel safe. Not only is that something Coy has never experienced, it’s something he needs, because Coy is a magnet for the damaged.
As crazy as Coy might make Law, Coy is his. No one touches Coy. Looks at Coy. Steals Coy from him. Unless he doesn’t step up his game, that is.

Monday, January 14, 2019

A New Sugar Daddy

Happy New Year!!

I hope you guys had a great New Year's, and everything goes your way in 2019. I'm holding out for 2020, lol! 2019 will the year of reclaiming good health for my family. I have two surgeries and my husband has back surgery already scheduled for this year. Blah! The good news is, I have lots of books planned for this year, including a new series I can't wait to tell you about around April. Today, my latest Sugar Daddy is live, Sugar Obsession. I also have a huge giveaway going on. Check out both below. 

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