Beautifully Blind + Giveaway


Koda needs a stubborn man. A man to teach him how to let someone love him. Felix has just what he needs.

Koda has a silent fame. While everyone knows his songs, no one knows his name. He has worked on backup vocals for the biggest names in music and on countless albums over the years. Koda is doing what he loves. His life is perfect... except it isn’t. His fierce independence has become a wall, separating him from any chance at finding love. He needs help if he hopes to learn how to let people in. Luckily, he knows just who can help.

Since Felix leveled his life over a year ago, nothing has been the same. Artists are severing their contracts with him, leaving him with way too much time on his hands. Felix never would have dreamed his private life would affect his work as a record producer this much. The only light in his day is Koda. Despite losing his sight at a young age, Koda has let nothing stop him. He’s upbeat, successful, and he’s driving Felix insane with longing.

When Koda asks Felix for a crazy favor, Felix sees his chance to finally have the man in his bed. Unfortunately, no one warned Felix he wouldn’t want to leave... or that they’ve both been blind in more ways than one.