Beautifully Stolen + Rafflecopter

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Roman is tired of games. Brett is certain they are playing. One of them is in for a huge surprise.

From the first moment Brett met Roman, he had the man’s number. Roman is beautiful, flirtatious, and completely incapable of being loyal to anyone but himself. Everything about Roman is an act. Under normal circumstances, Brett would find a way to make money from Roman’s natural ability to charm anyone. This one time, he won’t, because there’s just something about Roman that gets under his skin. Brett can’t explain it. He simply knows Roman is trouble. Brett can’t let himself fall for the game.

Roman wants Brett. That’s the truth of things. Since the first time he set eyes on the eccentric ball of energy, Roman has pulled out every weapon in his arsenal to try to win him. Brett isn’t into him at all. That’s a first for Roman. He can’t stop coming back for more of Brett’s special brand of rejection. It’s too sexy to resist.

When Brett invites Roman to be his date for a wedding, Roman knows the invitation is too good to be true. He just can’t figure out Brett’s new angle. That doesn’t mean he intends to miss his chance to get shot down again. After all, he might finally win. Little does Roman know, Brett needs him way more than he could have dreamed, and they’ll both be less if he can’t win.

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