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Two men made weary by life. A vow to accept each other as they are. Together, they’re building a beautiful future… no matter what anyone thinks.
When Jason moves to Vegas to start a new life, the first friend he makes is in the same boat: new in town with only business acquaintances to call friends. Jason is immediately drawn to the bitterness Raiden doesn’t try to hide. Since he’s lived his life forced to tell lies, Jason doesn’t hold back with Raiden. He dumps all the truth and ugliness on him the first time they meet. No one is more surprised than Jason at Raiden’s acceptance of a criminal past that would send anyone else straight for the hills.
Raiden is used to men chasing him. After all, he gets paid because of his looks. Despite Jason literally chasing him down in a parking lot, Jason is different. He doesn’t expect Raiden to smile, be quiet, and look pretty. Jason has something unique Raiden can’t resist. Raiden can’t explain why he keeps letting Jason deeper into his life. All Raiden knows is, he can’t withstand another loss. He needs Jason to be exactly who he claims to be, because Raiden is too weak to fight against life any longer.
When two men with equally broken lives come together, no one trusts their love as real. Not even them. Someone will have to be the first to challenge the odds, or they’ll miss out on a lifetime of happiness.
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