A July filled with releases

Whiskey lives for justice. Justice doles it out.

In an attempt to live more openly, Whiskey takes a chance on a local club. He’s worked the neighborhood for fifteen years as a police detective, but never interacted much with the community. It doesn’t take long to discover he doesn’t fit in. Luckily, Justice swoops in and everything about Whiskey’s life changes.
Meeting Whiskey wasn’t an accident. It was a calculated move on Justice’s part. Whiskey has been asking questions Justice needs him to stop asking. Months of watching Whiskey lets him know Whiskey can’t be bought. Not with money anyhow. Justice has other ways to keep Whiskey occupied, and he’s not opposed to using every trick in his arsenal to get his way.
Two men from opposites sides of the law. Feelings that can’t be denied. It’s a recipe guaranteed to blow up in everyone’s face, and they might not survive the fallout.

Hellish parts 4-6 bundles in one place. 

Hellish parts 7-9 bundled in one place. 

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