Auction for @StJude Bid for @KenyonSherrilyn and @CharityParkerso gear

Later this year, I'll do a bigger auction with more authors. For now, I don't have the energy due to my heart. Instead I'm going to do a small one and hope it does well. In support of St. Jude's Children's Hospital, I'm auctioning off this Dark-Hunter's tote, an autographed copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon's book Invincible, a book cover coffee mug, and an autographed copy of Intact. This is a silent auction that will end June 15th. To bid, please email your bid to The highest bidder will be notified June 16th and will receive their shipment after they've sent their money via PayPal. The winner will be announced only after they've given their permission. If you wish to remain anonymous, I'm cool with that. If you're interested in simply donating to St. Jude's, here's the link: Thank you and good luck!