Friday, October 10, 2014

STALKING THE DEMON ~ Advance Review EBOOKS by @CiaraBallintyne #HighFantasy #FREEBIE

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(Book 2 in the Seven Circles of Hell)

by Ciara Ballintyne

Date of Publication – 31 October 2014

Genre: High Fantasy (Adult)

About the Book

Alloran lost his hand to thwart his renegade friend, Ladanyon, but the world is still going to hell.

Six months later, Gisayne is fading away from a baffling illness. Alloran’s desperate struggle to cure

his lover is complicated by a terrible secret–the seven circles of hell are unstable. His greatest fear is

that the spell Ladanyon cast upon Gisayne has connected her to the demon dimensions.

The only people who can help him uncover the truth are the two assistants assigned by the council ,

but he suspects they are untrustworthy. As his investigation into the hells deepens, Alloran crosses

the line into banned demonic research–and all the answers he needs are locked away in a place he is

forbidden to go: hell.

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