Mr. X by @WildClarissa #MyReview

A beautiful love, dark and twisted.

We are all born innocent until life ruins it. For me, that's what this book portrayed. The life we're forced to endure shapes us. For Jay and X, it wasn't pretty. As a matter of point, it was probably as screwed up as it could get. They had each other. Was it messed up? Yeah. Did I cringe? Oh, yeah. But, no matter how messed up they are, it's a beautiful thing. I was hooked from page one. At 25%, I told my husband, "You have to read this book." At 96%, I released a horrified, "No!" When it was over, I closed the cover on my kindle, saying, "That was freaking awesome." The book has a few quotes highlighted by other readers, and I agreed with each one. Here's a couple more that struck a chord with me.

My soul is his. My mind-- and my heart is soon to follow. Nobody survives without love, and he is the only one willingly offering it to me.

"Ignore your conscience. It makes you unhappy. Let me make you fly."