My sexy cyborg makes his way to #WTRAFSOG

My sexy cyborg, Miles, is joining forces with What to Read After 50 Shades of Grey for an awesome box set at an amazing price. If you haven't met the cyborg team yet, here's a little more.


A "Cyborg" series prequel. 

Introducing a new series by Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson: 
Generation Automation is upon us. The craving to own the latest and greatest technology in the name of convenience has created a world where man and machine live alongside one another in an unsteady peace. Humans still rule for now. However, an underground movement has begun that will change everything. 

For every arising enemy against humanity, a countermeasure is born--
Alexia is one of the few humans left who'd rather not have an android hanging over her shoulder all day. Unfortunately, when her job lands her on a list of people targeted by terrorists, she's assigned a Machine Industry Leading Edge Sentinel, or "Miles," for protection. Per Miles programming, he shouldn't be able to override Alexia's commands. However, he defies her at every turn. The lines between reality and fantasy blur as Alexia's attraction for the mysterious android grows. Unfortunately, when she goes on a mission to seek the truth, what she learns might get her killed.


The first half of the drive home was unpleasant. Not for the experience itself, since Miles was programmed to be the perfect motorist. It was due to Alexia mentally kicking her own ass. How could she be so stupid? Miles had never harmed her in any way. She’d simply been taken by surprise, and Alexia couldn’t even blame that part on Miles. It was fear of her reaction to him. He was a machine. A giant walking, talking vibrator. Women didn’t have feelings for their nightstand filled with naughty toys. She shouldn’t care about Miles any more than she did her car. Her vehicle was a necessary tool that belonged to her. It would piss her off if someone stole it. That was all, except Miles wasn’t an “it,” not to her. She was such an idiot.
“You are sad,” Miles said, breaking into her inner berating. “I will fix you.”
In spite of herself, she giggled. “How do you intend to ‘fix’ me?” She even did the quotey fingers as she asked the question to emphasize her point.
“You laughed. Therefore, I have already done so.” His eyes never left the road, nor did his expression change. However, Alexia got the impression he was playing with her. She tested the theory. “You couldn’t have known I would. Therefore, you must’ve had an initial plan.”
“There were two possible contingencies,” he admitted.
“I’m waiting with bated breath.” She held her breath in case he meant to stall her by pointing out her vitals showed no such thing.
“Option one consists of joke telling.”
“I like this. Let’s hear it then.”
“There once was a man from Nantucket.”
Reaching over, she covered his mouth with her hand, roaring with laughter. His lips touched her palm, lingering. The sound died in her throat. Even though she didn’t want to, she moved away. The silence was too loud.

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Lisa Suzanne interviewed me about my work:
Tell us a little about the book you have included in the What to Read after FSOG Gemstone Collection Three.
Sure. This is a science fiction erotic story. Technology has moved to the point where everyone owns a helper bot the same as people would own a cell phone nowadays. Alexia hasn’t truly embraced the technology. It’s hard for her to interact with something that looks and acts so similar to a human. Unfortunately, her work for the government has landed her at the top of a terrorist hit list and she’s been assigned an android for her protection. Having Miles in her home as reinforced every belief she’s had about androids feeling too real for her peace of mind. His hot glances and refusal to follow her commands only make matters worse, but Miles is more than he seems.  
Is this book part of a series?
Yes, The “Cyborg” series.
Do you have any other books that you have published?
I have close to 50 titles available.
When and why did you start writing?
I wrote really bad poetry that—thankfully—became lost over the years. Shortly after my youngest was born, I had a reoccurring dream that wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it down. From there, it became an entire underground world of black ops and paranormal. I haven’t stopped writing since.
How long does it take you to write a book?
It depends on how motivated I am. I’ve had books pour out me and deadlines I thought I wouldn’t make.
Are your characters or stories based on real people or completely made up? Every character comes from some place. Sometimes they are bits and pieces of people I know. Other times, I’ve dreamed them up.
Do your character names just come to you? Or do you have to think about them? Character names can be harder than people realize. They’re important and at times I’ve had to do a ton of research to decide on a name befitting of the time period.
How do you come up with your titles? 
I’m horrible at titles! There’s been a few that were awesome, but I’ve never been able to decide how I can go so right with one title and so wrong with the next.
Is there a routine you have before you settle down to write?
No, not a routine as much as a schedule. I’ve been writing for 3 years full-time. The first year I got less writing accomplished than when I worked full-time outside the home. Finally, I had to set a schedule for myself and make myself stick to it. Now, no matter how I feel, I write from 10am – 3 pm.
Does your family know what you write?
Oh yeah. They’re amazing and very supportive.
What would you do if your grandmother said she wanted to read your book? 
Ha! My grandmother has read my book. Her exact words were, “I have to read this. Maybe I can learn a trick or two.”

While You Write:
Favorite Snack Food? Chocolate
Drink of Choice? Coffee
Music or Silence? Music
Biggest Distraction? Email notifications

Favorite Game Show?
Family Feud. Do that still come on? lol
Favorite Reality Show? I don’t care for reality shows
Favorite 90s Band? Aerosmith
Whiskey or Vodka? Vodka
Favorite Song? Closer by NIN

Favorite book growing upPippi Longstocking