The @StJude Project

This is going to be a long post, but please stick with me. I promise it’s for a good cause. For a couple of years now my husband, Greg, and myself have been tweeting endlessly in hopes of raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s hospital. I don’t know if we’ve managed to make any difference in that time, but I hope we have. For anyone who doesn’t know, St. Jude offers care at no charge so they are always in need of donations. As parents of a chronically ill child, we understand the importance of this institute. We understand the crippling medical bills and the long nights when you live in fear of falling asleep in case your child slips away while you’re powerless to stop it. There is no worse feeling than not being able to do anything as doctors scratch their head and send you on your way. It’s a nightmare we wouldn’t wish on anyone. Life may not have blessed us with riches or great health, but it has blessed us. I wish I could give a huge donation to this wonderful charity, but all I have is outreach and writing ability. So, this is either going to be a huge success or a massive failure. Here it goes. I had 3 copies of Sinners of Water & Fire printed with a different cover. There are only 3 copies in existence and the cover is a mystery :-D I’m going to do a silent auction for them. The three highest bidders get one autographed copy with proceeds going to St. Jude. What better day to start the opening bid than Valentine’s Day? For details on how to bid, please visit my website Bidding ends April 2nd.

**Legal goodies**

Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. are in no way responsible for this giveaway. Books will be mailed after payment is received via paypal. All proceeds minus shipping will be donated to St. Jude’s. This auction is open to International participants. If you’re interested in simply donating to St. Jude, you may do so here: