If you show me yours I'll show you mine with author Colin Chadwick

I issued a challenge to my fellow authors to bare their secrets on my blog all in the name of fun. I admit that I was a little nervous but in less than 5 minutes after I hit publish on that challenge I had takers rolling in. I've scheduled each author in order of when I received their responses.
First up, Author Colin Chadwick:

Tell me 3 fun facts about yourself:

1.) I love porn but only the type where everybody is enjoying themselves.
2.) The kids love me best when I’m telling fart jokes.
3.) I love cooking gourmet’ but I’ll never cook for a living.

If you could bring one of your book characters to life for only one night, which one would it be, and what would you do?

I would love to meet the evil vicious Arteekee (she’s the angel of Rage). I’d spend some time trying to get into her head and avoiding getting killed. Afterwards, who knows, she might teach me some tricks from the bedroom, haha.

Is there anyone you’ve always secretly thought of as sexy that other people might find strange? If so, who?

I always found Ugly Betty very sexy. I don’t know if other guys got that but I found it weird that she was called ugly betty in the first place.

What’s the worst/oddest present that you’ve ever received?

The oddest present I ever received was a beer holder. It’s weird because I don’t drink beer, rarely drink at all and the person who gave it to me knew that, lol.

Confession time: What’s on your ipod right now?

The Good: Closer by Nine Inch Nails
The Bad: The original Doom soundtrack (the original game)
The Ugly: The Lord of the Rings soundtrack (2 hours)

Do you have any tattoos?

Not yet but I’ve got 2 I will be getting this year; a book reading blue dragon on my left shoulder and a pentagram on my right shoulder.

What’s your favorite snack?

Depends on whether I’m in sweet mood or savory. For sweet, I love these little bars called space food bars and for savory, I just love chicken crisps.

What’s your ultimate fantasy?

LOL!! I would so love to be an orgasm vendor.

Colin's Bio:

I am a stay at home dad, investor and writer.
Even though I have numerous certificates and degrees including a Bachelor of Information Technology (Security/Programming) and a Cert 4 in Clinical Coding I’ve never held a decent job. Seems I hate taking orders.
I’ve been writing since March 2010 and there is no end in sight.

Thank you so much Colin for joining me and being so honest with your answers. Okay guys, now go check him out http://mydigitalsanctuary.weebly.com


  1. Haha great interview, Colin. I'm liking these questions!

  2. Great job Colin, love the answers. Ugly Betty lol, a orgasm vender, lol I didn't know there was such a position. But hey you never know.

    1. Thanks guys! I know an orgasm vendor, who knew? May have to look that up, lol


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