Saturday, November 5, 2011

Giving odd thanks

November is the month that we recognize the need to be thankful for the things that we are blessed with.  This time of year my first thought is of my family, and how thankful that I am to have them.  I think that most of us immediately think of the major things when asked what we are thankful for, so I am asking for random thankfulness, and as usual, I will get us started.
I’m thankful that I still have at least two friends who would help me hide a body if the need arose.
Now it is your turn, and don’t forget, I will be choosing random commenters to win a few prizes.
Charity Parkerson

This was for yumminess factor


  1. I believe giving thanks for all our blessings is important. It's easy to focus on what we want or think we need and forget what we have. Even in the darkest moments, there's always at least one positive thing in our lives. I have some good friends that would do anything for me too. We are definitely blessed.