Taboo Book

I have a new book out. It's a taboo story so it's only available on Smashwords. This isn't a book that’ll be for everyone, and if you’d like to buy it, you’ll have to make sure you have your sensitivity filter turned off to find it. That’s located in the upper right-hand corner on Smashword's website. It says, “filtering.” Click that and choose your settings. If the link doesn’t work or the book doesn’t show up in search, that’s why. Once you turn off that filter, you shouldn’t have a problem.

If you're interested in reading more, here's the details...

Through countless foster homes, homelessness, and all the way into adulthood, Hardy and Hale have always done whatever it takes to stay together. Yet it only took one night to rip them apart.

Twins Hardy and Hale have been through it all. Hale would like to claim they came through it unscathed, but no. They’re both pretty messed up in the head. They’ve always had each other, though. Until they attend an after-work party and lines are crossed that can never be uncrossed, that is. Now, nothing is the same. Everything is gone and Hale doesn’t see a way back to the life they once had.

Hardy ran for his life. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. He knows he’s a mess and that’ll never change if he stays with Hale. It’s long overdue for them to go their separate ways and build lives for themselves. Except maybe this world wasn’t built for him, and there’s no happiness without the sunshine known as Hale. Unfortunately, it’s also very possible Hardy annihilated everything that made Hale beautiful and it’s too late to return to the life he left behind.

Mirror Image is a taboo romance that isn’t meant for every reader. But it’s Hardy and Hale’s story, nonetheless.