Missing + Giveaway

 The fourth book in my Kings of the East series is out now. Woot! I know this series can be darker than my usual books, but I'm enjoying them so much, even if I have to take the occasional break to write something fun. I'll update y'all on the something fun soon. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and enter the Kingsumo giveaway.



Bear has been living side by side with crime lords for so long, he wouldn’t recognize a normal life if he walked right into one. That’s why he doesn’t realize he already has one when he’s with Creed.

Since Bear’s baby brother went missing fourteen years ago, he’s stopped living. He’s been in the dirt, infiltrating every crime ring imaginable. Until the day he found him dead, nothing mattered but finding Gabe. Now, he only has one goal in life: destroying everyone who let it happen, including himself. He just never expected Creed.

Creed isn’t dumb. He knows when someone isn’t interested. When he met Bear at a local club, Bear’s incessant swinging between hot and cold should have driven Creed away. Creed doesn’t know what it is about Bear. There’s something in his eyes that has Creed constantly flinging himself against the brick wall Bear has built around himself. It’s possible Creed’s persistence will pay off someday and Bear will love him back… or maybe Bear’s nonstop lies and double life will get Creed killed.

Missing is the fourth book in Charity Parkerson’s Kings of the East series where underground crime runs the world. These books are best enjoyed when read in order.

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