Nothing + Giveaway

 Hey! I have a new release today. Nothing is the second book in my Kings of the East series. I hope you're enjoying it so far. Don't forget to scroll down and enter the giveaway.


No one understands what it’s like to love a psychopath. Mink has spent his entire life as a plaything. It’s time to run.

Mink grew up loving Xiv. As kids, despite their extreme financial divide, they were closer than any two friends could be. Then Xiv’s father died. Xiv took over as head of the Alexeyev family. Now nothing is the same. The closeness they once shared is gone. Mink is property. It was an existence Mink thought he could handle. Until Xiv purposely allowed Mink to get kidnapped by a contract killer. Now Mink is done.

There is one object in existence that matters at all to Xiv: his puppy. He’s kept Mink on a short leash for as far back as he can recall. That’s why he thought Mink would stay through anything. It seems he went too far at some point. Xiv thought he could let Mink go. He tries, but nothing is the same without his other half. Now, Xiv won’t stop until he brings Mink home, even if he has to burn down the world to do it.

Nothing is the second book in Charity Parkerson’s Kings of the East series. These titles deal with twisted men who’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. They are best when read in order.