Mistaken + Giveaway

 Hey! The first book in my new series, Kings of the East, released today. If you enjoy books that include Zander, then this series is definitely for you. You've learned Zander's story. Now, meet his team around the world.


He stole Dallas from his friend’s home. Kept him locked away against his will. So why can’t Dallas get the man out of his head?

Dallas has no clue how he ended up kidnapped. One second, he was eating snacks while crashing at a friend’s place. The next, he was hauled away and locked in an underground bunker. Even though he isn’t harmed, Dallas has never been more scared. Only his abductor’s oddly caring nature keeps him sane in the face of no one looking for him. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Stealing Dallas had been a whim. When Matija’s boss sent him to take out a competitor’s brother, he didn’t find his target. Instead, he encountered a sweet mouse he couldn’t resist. Matija wanted him, so he took him. Now he doesn’t know what to do. If he lets Dallas go, Dallas might lead the police straight to him. The only alternative is—for once—unthinkable. The clock is ticking, possibly for both of them. Now Matija must choose: leave everything behind or kill the only man who’s ever made him feel.

Mistaken is the first book in Charity Parkerson’s new series, Kings of the East, where hired killers, mafia ties, and crime lords clash in a battle for the top.