Savior + Giveaway

 Silas' book is finally here!! I can't tell you how excited I am for everyone to read his story. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and enter the KingSumo giveaway


The mysterious Silas. The man who won him. It’s time to learn the secrets that broke them.

Six years ago, Silas fell hard for a sexy street artist with a wicked sense of humor. He married Benji so fast it rocked everyone on their heels. Unfortunately, he didn’t consider how his hobby of fixing sexy men would slowly poison his relationship until tragedy struck. Now Silas will go to any length to keep Benji safe, even if that means hurting him.

Since his accident, Benji doesn’t remember much about the past. His life has changed a lot. He suffers daily with terrible dizzy spells and migraines. Paranoia strikes from nowhere too, making his life miserable. He knows he’s nothing more than a burden to Silas. That breaks him a little more every day. But nothing tears him down the way Silas does by ignoring the romantic side of their marriage. Somewhere along the line he became more like Silas’ child than his husband. Benji is done with all of it.

When a stranger helps Benji start over, Silas will be forced to do something he’s never done before to win back his husband. He’ll have to work. But is it too little too late?

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