Poisonous + Giveaway

 I'm crazy excited about today's release. The D series has been a lot of fun to write. Book 2 is out now. I hope you give it a shot. Don't forget to scroll down and enter this month's giveaway.



Caught between two men, Abel must choose. He can unmask the man who saved him or love the one who wants him. Both choices feel equally doomed.

Six months out of rehab, Abel is relearning how to live. Mostly, life is quiet now. Some days it makes him crazy doing nothing but wandering the halls of Silas’ huge house by the river. The only time Abel feels anything but apathy is when he gets clandestine visits from his secret benefactor. Then he feels very alive. Until it’s over, that is, and Abel has to go back to the boredom of simply surviving. Everything changes when Jasper bursts onto the scene.

As a successful boxer, Jasper is used to getting what he wants. From the first time he set eyes on Abel, Jasper has felt a kinship with the fire he sees in Abel’s eyes. It’s obvious Abel thinks there’s no real hope for him. Jasper won’t stop until he proves Abel wrong. The problem is Jasper is poison. He has secrets and a darkness he doesn’t think Abel will understand. Eventually, the truth always wins.

Between the benefactor who saved him and the sexy boxer who won’t leave his head, Abel can’t find steady ground. There’s something about both men he can’t resist. If only they were the same man…