Inevitable + Giveaway

 I'm super excited about this new series. It's finally here. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom to enter the giveaway.

It’s bad enough Griffin wants his boss. That boss is also his brother’s ex. This is about to go south.

For a little over a year, Griffin has worked for Assets, a high-end strip club for members only. For Griffin, it’s easy work. He’s naturally flirtatious and good at making money while avoiding entanglements. The problem is his boss, Andrew. Once upon a time, Andrew had been engaged to Griffin’s brother. The pair ended on terrible terms and things are awkward now. Yet Griffin can’t stop watching Andrew, waiting and wanting.

People may consider Andrew a little bitter. Getting cheated on and left at the altar will do that to a person. It’s been eight months, but seeing his ex’s little brother every night keeps the anger fresh. There’s only one way to make things better. He has to get even.

One night’s horrible decision leads to something darker than obsession. It’s mania. It’s inevitable.

Inevitable is a short introduction to Charity Parkerson’s new series, The D, where you never know what you’ll get. It may be a devil, a diva, or a daddy. Or maybe it’s just Silas D, a mysterious matchmaker who likes to meddle a little too much. You’ll have to read each one to find out.