Beautifully Played + Giveaway

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Enzo has a bit of a hero complex. After meeting Aric, he may be the one who needs saving.

After leaving the Navy and moving back home to L.A., Enzo plans to work on himself. He’s spent his life refusing to settle down. Now, he’s in his thirties and starting a new business. It looks like a good time to find something real and meaningful. When he rescues Aric from one of his handsy bar patrons, Enzo wonders if he’s found what he’s looking for.

There’s no denying Enzo is gorgeous and tall, but Aric has been down this road before—literally. This is the second time Enzo has rescued him and then used him. Things are different this time around. Aric is older, and he knows a seducer when he sees one. He doesn’t mind a little fun, but Enzo is the one who should take care. Aric doesn’t intend to get played twice.

When Enzo’s stubbornness meets Aric’s bitterness, it’s an explosion neither man can resist. Only time will tell if they can withstand the blast.