Beautifully Guarded + Giveaway


Cooper is more than he seems. Tito has known it all along. Now it’s time to face the music.

After two years of homelessness, Cooper has settled into living with his chosen family. He loves his new lease on life. There’s just one problem. His old life is coming to reclaim him, and Cooper isn’t strong enough to face the past alone. Thankfully, there’s a sexy bodyguard who never leaves Cooper’s side.

Since Cooper came to live with Tito’s boss, Tito has been fascinated by Cooper’s many layers. He’s known all along Cooper has secrets. Tito just wasn’t expecting them to be so big. That doesn’t mean he intends to let Cooper face anything alone, because Tito is hiding something too. He’s completely in love with Cooper.

When two worlds collide, both men will have to find their footing. Only time will tell if their relationship will still be standing at the end.