Beautifully Spun + Giveaway

Beautifully Spun is out now. I hope you enjoy the latest edition to the Candied Crush series. Don't forget to scroll down and enter this month's giveaway.


Zayn is looking for love. Spencer wants to live the single life forever. One of them is doomed to fail.

Spencer Wright, better known as Zealous Blaze, is the number one DJ in the world. Not only does everyone know his name, he’s also the most sought-after man on the scene. There’s zero chance anyone is tying him down. His life is too crazy. He would be insane to let himself get ensnared by one person. It’s too bad Spencer can’t stop thinking about Zayn.

Zayn has the worst luck with men. He’s rich and works hard on his body. Zayn would like to think he’s also a nice guy. It just seems like there’s no one left out there for him. Everyone he meets only wants to hook up. Zayn wants a real relationship. It doesn’t help that he has his heart set on the unattainable. From the first time he set eyes on Spencer, he hasn’t wanted anyone else.

Mixing tracks isn’t Spencer’s only talent. He also has Zayn’s head completely spun out of control with the way he wants Zayn one day, and then he pushes Zayn away the next. Maybe this next time Zayn won’t come back.

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