March releases + Giveaway

 Hey guys! I have two releases in March, so I'm letting you know about both of them in one swoop to cut down on updates. First, Beautifully Wicked releases today. YAY! Hellish 13, Eventide, releases on March 29th. I hope you enjoy reading both these books as much I enjoyed writing them. Check them out below and then scroll to the bottom to enter this month's giveaway. Thank you for sticking with me. 

As the identical twin of one of the biggest names in music, Cade is the invisible brother. The untalented one. The wicked twin.

Being the brother of Slade O’Neil isn’t easy. Everyone expects Cade to suddenly grow a super talent. The only thing Cade is good at is getting in trouble. His latest scandal—unknowingly sleeping with someone’s husband—has soured him on wanting to start anything new. That was before Terrell.

Terrell is the star pitcher for the L.A. Direwolves. Everyone knows his name, and—unfortunately—his story. People either love him or hate him. He’s not one for inspiring lukewarm feelings. Terrell has run into Cade a hundred times at events. Cade is one of the few who’s never shunned him. That’s a good thing since Terrell has never wanted anyone more. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one.

If Terrell hopes to win one of the sexiest and wickedest men on the market, he must step up his game. There’s another out there who’s already had Cade, and he has no plans to let him get away. It’s a race to see who will land him first.

All Nix wants is to stay alive. Even wants to keep him that way too… if he can.

As possibly the last phoenix left in existence, Nix has been beyond lonely for years. Even though King Jonathan has always ensured he feels included, Nix doesn’t fit in. He doesn’t know how to connect. Unfortunately, since someone or something seems to want him dead, he has to depend on the Hellish clan to keep him safe no matter how out of place he feels. Luckily, they have a plan.

Eventide has existed since the beginning of time. He’s watched countless creatures fade in and out of existence. That’s how life goes. Everything has a season. He doesn’t get involved in the troubles of man or beast. Nix is the only exception. Nix forces light into Even’s eternal darkness. Even doesn’t hesitate to offer his help in keeping Nix safe from an invisible foe. After all, he’s the only being in existence with the power and time to shield Nix from any enemy. But who will keep Nix safe when he’s with Even?

The Hellish Clan is back with a new mystery to solve. This time, the answer might be closer than they think.