Beautifully Awkward + Giveaway

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Lance has spent his life hiding in the shadows. Slade has spent his life in the spotlight. They’re equally lonely.

As a private detective, Lance depends on blending in. Never in his life has he wanted to stand out until he met Slade. Slade is a rock star and is wanted by everyone. Lance is no exception. Unfortunately, Slade is also the most clueless person on the planet. Lance doesn’t know how to get Slade’s attention when the guy seems totally oblivious to Lance’s desire. The entire situation feels hopeless.

Between touring, recording, interviews, and just trying to live, Slade is tired. He hasn’t had a personal life in longer than he can recall. He’s had one-night stands and quick encounters in the craziest of places, but there has been nothing real. He enjoys spending time with Lance, but he doesn’t think Lance really likes him like that. Slade is kind of nerdy and awkward when he’s not on stage. Men don’t go for him unless they’re celebrity worshippers. He doesn’t stand much of a chance with someone like Lance. So Slade does what he always does when he needs a little extra help. He turns to his identical twin.

Nothing good can come of Cade pretending to be Slade to gauge Lance’s interest, especially since Lance is a detective. Maybe this crazy plan will blow up in everyone’s faces. That’s a risk Slade is willing to take for a shot at love.