A Sugar Daddy for Winter + Giveaway

 Hey, guys!! In case you missed it, I have a new installment in the Sugar Daddies' series. It was free for 10 days, so you might have already grabbed your copy. If you missed the free days, or simply didn't want to sign up for my newsletter in exchange for a book, it's now available on Amazon for only $0.99! Check out the details below and then keep scrolling to enter my giveaway for a $5.00 USD Amazon gift card. 

Everyone knows the holidays suck for single people. One trip to Aspen with Winter, and Ivan knows they won’t be spending another year alone.

Even though Ivan has a high-paying job, that doesn’t mean he has any desire to be anyone’s sugar daddy. He’s seen men his age go through their mid-life crisis with gold diggers and doesn’t want to be that guy. Unfortunately, there’s one thing worse than being used for his money—being alone during the holidays. He’s about to strike a deal to end that horrible tradition.

Winter only knows Ivan as the surly Russian who gets a single drink at his bar each night and always leaves a huge tip. The last thing he expects is Ivan’s sudden offer for a trip to Aspen. A moment of pure insanity mixed with the holiday blues has him accepting. He has no idea how to act or what to expect. There’s no way he could prepare for the storm known as Ivan that upturns his life.

A Sugar Daddy for Winter is a short standalone story loosely connected to Charity Parkerson’s Sugar Daddies series. While there is no need to have read any of the series to enjoy this book, if you’re interested, Sugar Daddies is a contemporary romance, age-gap series where the men are hot, rich, and don’t like to be told no.