Beautifully Unfixable + Giveaway

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There’s a difference between luck and fortune; these men have neither.

Lucky is easily the unluckiest person on the planet. Most people might say he has bad taste, but really, it’s misfortune. He tries to meet nice guys. Unfortunately, he always ends up with the worst people imaginable. The only good guy Lucky knows looks wretched on paper. He owns a biker bar and runs with the roughest crowd. Lucky can’t stay away.

If Damon knows two things, it’s where to buy the best liquor and that Lucky is trouble. For whatever reason, Damon can’t stop pulling Lucky from every fire, and Lucky starts a lot of unnecessary blazes. There’s just something about him, though. Damon can’t tell him no.

When Lucky pits his blind determination against Damon’s bitterness, it becomes a race to see which of them can fail the fastest. After all, there isn’t an ounce of self-preservation between them. Some people are simply unfixable.