Beautifully Backed + Giveaway


A single night of powerful connection collides with a cruel twist of fate. No matter the outcome, Sergio and Tobin are meant to be.

Sergio went from the streets to being one of the highest-paid soccer players in the world. For the most part, he has tried to stay humble. The change in his circumstances doesn’t mean his life is easy now. He meets a lot of users and has a hard time saying no. Tobin is the first person he’s met since hitting it big who doesn’t want a thing from him. Yet Tobin needs him more than Sergio could possibly know.

Tobin has no clue Sergio is famous. In a moment of living life to the fullest while he can, Tobin takes Sergio home for the night. While it is the greatest night of his life, he has no plans to repeat the experience. Everything recently changed for him and Tobin is in no place to start a relationship. He must accept Sergio as the temporary gift he is, except he doesn’t take into account Sergio’s determination.

Sergio isn’t the type to be pushed aside. Tobin is in his sights now. Unlike everyone else, Tobin deserves Sergio’s help and he’s not taking no for an answer. All he can do now is hope that life doesn’t steal Tobin before Sergio can save him.