Hellish Halloween + Giveaway

Now Available. 


The Hellish Clan is hosting a Halloween celebration for the ages. At least one human has found his way there and is in way over his head.

While Pierce always travels to NOLA for Halloween, this year’s trip is turning into an unforgettable one. First, a psychic sends him to the middle of nowhere to meet an undisclosed destiny. Then, he finds himself in the middle of some crazy orgy in the woods celebrating the gods. As if that’s not enough, a sexy guy named Red claims Pierce is his fated mate. Pierce doesn’t know if he should commit himself to the psych ward now or wait until someone else does it for him. The problem is, he kind of wants to believe all this craziness about gods, vampires, and werewolves. Pierce feels like he’s at home with his burly biker wolf. He doesn’t know where to go with that, but Pierce better figure things out quick, because a possessive werewolf won’t wait forever.