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Two men opposite in every way. One unforgettable night. No good can come of this.

Everyone knows Xavier’s name, face, and body. Not only is he considered one of the world’s most beautiful men, he hosts a popular cooking show in the buff. He’s flawless... on the outside. Inside, Xavier is jaded and spoiled. He’s used to having his way with whoever he chooses. No one has ever told him no. That’s why he was beyond sick of everything before Dean came along. Dean isn’t like anyone else. He ignores Xavier unless Xavier forces Dean to look his way. Xavier is intrigued. He can’t stay away. It’s too bad Dean keeps running from him.

Dean isn’t anything like Xavier. He works a normal job, looks like a normal person, and gets shot down more often than not. It’s not that he doesn’t realize Xavier is completely flawless. In fact, he has a hard time not staring at Xavier all the time like a lunatic. The thing is, Dean isn’t interested in getting crushed by some guy way out of his league. It’s obvious Xavier is only looking for a distraction. It’s laughable to think they could end up together. Until they spend one magical night together, that is.

After a single night in heaven, Dean runs for the hills, leaving Xavier baffled. Now, Xavier has to do something he’s never done before. He has to do the chasing if he hopes to win Dean. If not, he’ll lose the only person who has ever made him feel any spark for life. Luckily, losing isn’t a word Xavier knows.

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