Beautifully Wrecked + Rafflecopter


Johnny sees himself as straight. Wrecker disagrees. Their friendship is about to get an upgrade.

When Johnny moved to L.A. to start a singing career, he never expected to end up working instead as security for one of the world’s most renowned musicians. It’s not so bad. After all, his job led to him meeting his best friend, Wrecker. That’s one relationship he wouldn’t trade for the world. Johnny just wished he didn’t feel quite so strongly about Wrecker, since things are getting awkward.

Wrecker has always wanted Johnny. From the first moment they met, Wrecker has done a horrible job of hiding his interest. He recognizes that he flirts too much, holds eye contact a little too long, and steals touches. The thing is that Johnny lets it go on. Wrecker has a feeling he knows exactly why, and that’s why he can’t stop.

When an emergency sends Johnny back home to his family, Wrecker tags along for support. Their already perplexing relationship takes a turn when Johnny’s family gets the wrong idea. Unfortunately, it’s not a move in the direction Wrecker wants. Now Wrecker must choose a path. He can accept Johnny’s friendship will never be more or take a chance that Johnny feels the same. Either way, he must choose fast, because Johnny is the type to disappear when things get too hot, and they have been an inferno for way too long.

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