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Cruz thought they were perfect. Ford couldn’t take the loneliness any longer. Everything will need to change to save them.
Ford has been Cruz’s best friend for a few years. Their friends-with-benefits arrangement has always worked for Cruz. Cruz isn’t seeing anyone else. He assumes Ford is the same. It’s a perfect relationship as far as Cruz is concerned. He’s too busy running his successful custom bike shop to look too closely at their relationship. Then it’s gone.
Since Ford met Cruz, he’s been in love. Despite Cruz’s inability to see anything beyond his success, Cruz is still pretty amazing. He’s gorgeous and fun. He’s that guy who never loses. The problem is, Cruz doesn’t love Ford. He could walk away anytime, and Ford wants someone who can’t live without him. Ford knows there’s no way he’ll ever have a normal life with Cruz, and as long as he stays close by, he’ll never stop saying yes when Cruz calls. That’s why he takes a job over three hundred miles away from the man who owns his heart. It’s the only way he’ll ever be free.
When Ford drops the news that’s he’s done and moving away, Cruz has to find a way to stop him. Everything he believed about their relationship has to change. While Cruz has no intention of letting Ford get away, this might be the one time he doesn’t get his way.
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