Second Choice

Neither Clint nor Lynx can have who they want. It only seems natural to pass their time together. Until their second choice starts to feel a lot like their first, that is.
Clint has spent his life hiding his sexuality to the point of destroying everything. He didn’t change until his secrets cost him the love of his life. Now he’s determined to be different, even though it’s too late. He has to change for himself. That turns out to be easier than he likes, since his new best friend is as eccentric and out as they come.
Since Lynx was five, he’s been in love with the same guy. Unfortunately, that guy was too blind to see it and Lynx was too scared to lose a friend to push. Now he’s lost his shot and trying to move on. Clint seems like just the distraction he needs. Until that diversion becomes an obsession, and now Lynx doesn’t know what to do.
Two men who think they’ve lost their chance are about to learn that sometimes love is better the second time around. If only they can stop themselves from self-destructing... again.
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