After Cage

Cage might be down, but he’s not out, and Hudson belongs to him. 
After a horrific accident leaves Cage badly scarred, he withdraws from the world. In this day and age of computer technology, he doesn’t need to leave his house to amass a fortune as one partner in a giant gaming company. Cage has no trouble doing almost everything he needs from his desk. Unfortunately, he still needs someone to handle the errands and events he can’t. Thankfully, he can afford to hire the perfect guy. 
Three years ago, Hudson signed a contract to belong exclusively to Cage. He runs his errands, stands in for him at events, and keeps him company. While to most, they might seem to have an odd relationship, Hudson has grown accustomed to Cage’s eccentric ways. In fact, he can’t imagine sharing his life with anyone else. Except, Cage doesn’t want to come out of the shadows to live a full life with Hudson, and it’s a hell Hudson can no longer tolerate. 
When Hudson meets someone new, Cage will have to make a choice. He can continue living in fear or reach for the person he loves the most. He needs to decide fast, because Hudson is done with this half-life.

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