Once He Breaks


A spoiled billionaire meets a lowly ranch hand and sparks fly... in more ways than one.

Dex Wise is the billionaire playboy everyone dreams of winning. Until they meet him, that is. Dex is spoiled and vain. The number of people he cares about can be counted on one hand and only takes one finger. He’s never met anyone who doesn’t have a price. Life bored him to tears years ago. The only things he feels any passion about are the TV shows he creates. Those are his babies. He won’t let anything ruin that love, especially not the problems of some stubborn ranch hand named Colt who is way too sexy and stubborn for his own good.
When Colt started his job at Crooked Creek Ranch, he never expected his duties would include babysitting twenty drunk college students for some rich guy’s reality show. While he might not have any choice in the matter, he’ll be damned if he lets Dex Wise completely own him. If that means he has to sell his time through Cubs for Rent to free himself from the ranch that already owns him, then so be it. He just wished Dex wasn’t so incredibly sexy. That seems a bit unfair.
When Dex makes Colt an offer he can’t refuse, their passionate personalities don’t disappear when Colt signs on the dotted line. But with the way they keep ending up in bed together, it is only a matter of time before someone breaks.
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