Cubs for Rent #5

Wren thrives on being wicked. Haven needs to steer clear of his brand of trouble. They are both just trying to survive.

Most people consider Wren as born blessed. He has the looks of an angel, the morals of a devil, and isn’t afraid to use whichever trait he needs most for every situation. What his looks won’t buy him, his connections will. As the son of a famous actor, there isn’t a door in society blocked to him. Unfortunately, his father blew through his money long before dying of a drug overdose, leaving Wren to work to pay his way. It’s a good thing he has a body men can’t resist and a personality to match. The last thing he needs is a controlling ex BDSM master getting in his way.
Haven aka Mister is just trying to get through the day. Between his bestselling BDSM how-to books and his job at Cubs for Rent, he isn’t hurting for money, but his personal life is a different story. It’s dead in the water. After ruining his relationship with the only man Haven cares to love, he has no intentions of ever dating again. He knows he’s poisonous and he won’t risk hurting anyone else. That’s exactly why he has to stay away from Wren. Too bad he can’t.
With an unexplainable draw pulling them closer together, it’s only a matter of time before they break. But there’s more to Wren than a pretty face, and he’s in bigger danger of losing everything than even he knows. Unless Haven can save him, that is.

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