The Final Daddy... maybe.

Yaro and Pytor have been a couple for as long as they have memories. Legend has no one. The longtime couple are about to change that.

Since cancer stole Legend’s mom, he has been completely alone in the world. He has never considered himself smart or talented in any way. His looks and ability to charm anyone have kept him from ending up homeless by working as an escort. Everyone is willing to hire Legend as arm candy, but no one wants him for him. Each time Legend meets someone he is truly interested in dating, they are already in love with someone else. Pytor and Yaro are no exception. At least, that’s what he thinks.
Pytor and Yaro have always been together. Neither man can recall a time without the other. Not once have they considered sharing their lives with anyone else. Until they meet Legend, that is. Legend is beautiful and sweet. He’s an old soul who needs a place to rest. Yaro and Pytor want to give him the home he desperately needs, but Legend is a little harder to convince than they expected.
After a botched attempt at making things work, the longtime couple will have to prove they aren’t like everyone else Legend has met in the past. That’s a tall order, considering Legend has every intention of completely disappearing from their lives.

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