Daddy #12

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Since losing his husband, Flynn has been waiting for a sign his life hasn’t stopped. He’s about to get one.
It’s been a few years since Flynn’s husband passed away. Since losing the love of his life, he’s been stuck in traction. He’s good at being a dom. Working at the Den of Payne keeps him busy. It’s not sexual. He doesn’t need the money. The job simply fills his empty days. Flynn is convinced his heart no longer works, and then he meets Jake.
Jake hates his life. Everything about it. Every day when he walks into work, he dreams of quitting and running away from his family’s expectations. The weight of being the perfect son, brother, and lawyer is crushing him. Jake can’t see a way out. Right when Jake thinks he’ll suffocate, Flynn pushes his way into Jake’s life. Flynn is controlling and dominant. He’s also loving and everything Jake never knew he needed.
Flynn’s refusal to allow Jake to disobey might just be the thing that finally sets Jake free. It’s possible becoming Jake’s daddy is what Flynn’s been preparing for his whole life too.
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