Daddy #11

Sugar Port ebook

Kato doesn’t realize he needs a port. Until Brad storms in, that is.

Meeting Brad is a soothing balm to Kato’s soul. Since he lost his eyesight two years ago, nothing has been the same. Where he’d once been chased by all the men, now he feels like he’s nothing more than a burden on the only friend he has left. Then, Brad bursts into his life.
It’s been a year since Brad caught his ex cheating. Losing their seven-year relationship under such ugly circumstances has left Brad slightly bitter. He’s definitely less trusting than before. That’s why, when a sexy and much younger man catches his eye, Brad is determined to keep his heart out of the deal.
Two jaded men find common ground in the most unexpected way. But someone will have to be the first to take a chance on love if they hope to be more than a nighttime fling.