A New Daddy

After months of push and pull, Law and Coy are the line between love and hate.

Since the day David brought Coy home, black and blue and in need of protection, Law has felt more than he should. Coy always takes him through every emotion. Law doesn’t want to want Coy. Coy is as dramatic as he is beautiful. He’s also the angriest person Law has ever met. Law is too old to deal with a sexy, young mess. He can’t stop.
It seemed the second Coy found himself working for Law, nothing he did was good enough. No matter how hard he tries, Law finds him lacking. That doesn’t explain why Law looks at him like no one ever has or why Coy burns for Law’s touch. Most of all, Law makes him feel safe. Not only is that something Coy has never experienced, it’s something he needs, because Coy is a magnet for the damaged.
As crazy as Coy might make Law, Coy is his. No one touches Coy. Looks at Coy. Steals Coy from him. Unless he doesn’t step up his game, that is.