A New Sugar Daddy...

New release!
They based their relationship on a contract. That doesn’t mean it isn’t love.
Almost three years ago, Jonah threw everything to the wind and joined a sugar daddy website. At the time, he cared less about who took care of him as long as someone cared about him. He never expected his very first contract would the only one he’d ever need.
John Green has money and loves spending it. After all, he works hard. He deserves all the best comforts in life. Becoming someone’s sugar daddy, ensuring he gets what he wants when he wants it, doesn’t embarrass him in the least. He’s paid the bills for more than one younger lover over the years. Jonah is the first to make him want to be wanted for himself, and not his money.
John and Jonah have been a love match from day one. Fate will have to shake things up to get these stubborn men to admit to feeling a single thing.
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