Ravage full cover mockup
A human thrust into the world of the supernatural. The alpha mate who doesn’t want him. It’s all about to collide with the being who does.
Everything began with a stupid accident. As usual, Shepherd hadn’t been paying attention when he sliced Raff’s skin. His unwitting move left Raff scarred and revealed Shepherd’s fate as the southeast pack leader’s mate. It’s a position he doesn’t want.
Raff and Dante have been a couple for over fifty years. Despite knowing they aren’t each other’s fated mate, their love is strong and real. Until fate shows its hand, tearing them apart. Raff puts his foot down and refuses to claim Shepherd. Shepherd wants no part of being claimed. Meanwhile, Dante is trying his damnedest to lick his wounds and accept his loss. No one is coming out the winner in their standoff.
But when a demon comes calling, offering Shepherd a way to fix the damage he’s caused, someone will have to break. Otherwise, they all might end up doomed.
Ravage teaser