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Meeting Omen was like a dream come true for Keegan. Until he fell in love. Then it was a nightmare.
It had always been one of Keegan’s secret fantasies to meet his favorite band, Slight Bastards. When it happened by complete accident, Keegan couldn’t believe his luck. Then he found himself the center of the lead singer, Omen’s, attention, and everything felt like a dream. Loving Omen came so easily. That is, until Omen made Keegan hate him.
The first time Omen set eyes on Keegan, he was caught. Keegan’s stunning beauty confused Omen in a way he’d never expected. Before Keegan, Omen hadn’t dated men. If he’d found one in his bed during a multi-person adventure, he hadn’t balked, but one-on-one, Omen never thought it would be his thing. He doesn’t want to start now, except he can’t stay away. Falling in love with Keegan was easy. Being in love with him is the hardest thing Omen has ever faced. That is, until he watches Keegan’s love turn to hate.
Omen doesn’t know how to fix the damage he’s done. Luckily, his friends have a plan. Now all it will take is everything if Omen hopes to win back his heart, but is it too late?

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