Sugar Tycoon #MM #NewRelease

Sugar Tycoon front cover
Bored, rich, and wild. Who could love someone like that?
Wyld West is the billionaire playboy who’s as eccentric as his name. Not only has he never been in love, Wyld doesn’t believe it exists. Until an angelic younger man comes to his rescue and nothing makes sense any longer.
While delivering meals to the homeless, Micah stumbles upon Wyld, bleeding and in need of help. Two months later, he’s still finding ways to see Wyld. The man is caustic and unlikable. In fact, everyone constantly warns Micah against a friendship with Wyld, but all Micah sees is someone as lonely as him.
When Wyld makes Micah a crazy and unexpected offer, it’ll be them against the world. Micah will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to keep his family, friends, and his sugar tycoon. Luckily, Micah is a fighter. Now, if only everyone else would cooperate.
Sugar Tycoon teaser