Your new Sugar Daddy #MM #Romance

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When two men with zero inhibitions start a game of truth or dare, a love affair is born.
Things with Jude started so harmless. One nice conversation, an offer to get drinks, and then nothing was innocent any longer. Hendrix has a past. One he strives to keep hidden. For that reason, and several others, he’s always kept to himself. It isn’t until he gets to know Jude that he lets himself live again, but not without fear. Hendrix never forgets Jude doesn’t know him and wouldn’t like him if he did.
Despite their almost twenty-year age difference, Hendrix is the best thing that’s ever happened to Jude. He’s smart, enjoys all the same interests, and is kinky as hell. On paper, they’re perfect together. The reality is, Hendrix is hiding something. Jude won’t stop until he uncovers the truth or destroys them trying.
When Hendrix’s past slaps Jude in the face, he’ll have to choose—accept what he’s learned or lose the greatest man he’s ever met.

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