SMASH #Giveaway

Kentucky already lost his career once. He thought regaining it meant everything. Until he met Rory.
After getting picked up by New York, getting injured and let go, Kentucky is back in Texas. Working at his dad’s auto repair shop isn’t terrible, but it’s not his dream. He needs ice under his skates. Kentucky hasn’t given up. He’s determined to reclaim the career he loves. That is, until he meets Rory.
Rory recognized Kentucky the first time he laid eyes on him. That’s not why he set out to win him. Kentucky has sad eyes Rory can’t resist. He only wanted to know him. Rory never expects to love him. He doubly never intends to ruin Kentucky.
It’s so easy for Kentucky to fall for Rory. The man is perfect in every way. Except Rory has a secret that could smash Kentucky’s life to bits. Kentucky will have to decide what he can live with and who he can’t live without.
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