#NewRelease from @CharityParkerso

Maksim doesn’t do strings. Marshall doesn’t date men. They’re both about to be proven wrong.
Marshall is the golden child. He wins every game he plays—on and off the field. He’s living the dream and knows it. That’s why he refuses to let a thing like preferring men in his bed get in his way. Right now, he’s all about his career. Everything else can wait, or so he thinks, until he meets Maksim.
Maksim has it all and basks in it. It’s his job to check out sexy, talented men and offer them lots of money. Sometimes, they’re extremely grateful for his services. What more could a man want? The last distraction Maksim needs is a relationship. Maksim never expects Marshall. Marshall teases, taunts, and tempts Maksim in ways he never dreamed. He also makes Maksim want a life he never has before.
Two men with no desire to change will have to find a way to bend or end up breaking each other.

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