#NewRelease from @CharityParkerso

The only thing worse than suffering a broken heart is being forced to pretend it never happened.
For two years, Mara kept a secret. She was in love with two members of her security team—Landon and Early. As an actress, she’s always in the spotlight. Keeping her reputation intact is more important than anything. Until the day came that she no longer cared. Loving Early and Landon meant too much to keep hiding. That was the day she lost them.
For a year, Mara has suffered in silence. The world doesn’t see her loss. They don’t know she’s broken. She’s never been more alone. Her downhill spiral forces Kieran Steele to step in, sending her someone to watch over her. Someone every bit as shattered. Now only time will tell if a bucketful of secrets will draw them closer or tear them apart.
Meanwhile, something is happening with Henley, causing problems in his marriage with Kieran. As Kieran struggles to find the key to save their relationship, Henley pulls farther away.
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