My ARC review of Twist by Kylie Scott

5 stars! In this case, I worry it'll sound as if this isn't a 5 star review, but stick with me. Alex has been talking to who she thinks is Eric online for months. When she decides to fly in and surprise him for his birthday, she ends up being the one surprised when she learns Eric has no clue who she is, because she's actually been talking to his older brother, Joe. From the beginning, Alex humiliates herself time and time again for Joe. I loved this book. It kept me in one spot, reading until the very end. When I finished, I didn't write my review right away. Something about it bothered me. At first, I thought it was the secondary story of Nell and Pat, which completely broke my heart, but then I slept on it. Now, I know what I can't get past. There was never a moment where Joe humbled himself for Alex. Time after time, she stood up to him, stuck up for him, and set herself at his feet while time after time he made every dick move possible. As far as I'm concerned, he in no way redeemed himself or deserved her. As I said, this may make it sound as if the book didn't deserve 5 stars, but that's not the case, because I care that Alex didn't get the man she deserved. When an author can make you care, as if the characters are real, that the true mark of a great book.