Most people’s soulmate brings light, joy, and happiness into their lives. Jozsua’s brought death.
As the younger brother of a notorious crime lord, Jozsua’s life has been anything but normal. Mostly, it’s been spent hiding out in the open. He’s been fighting on the MMA circuit while trying to keep his sister-in-law and niece safe from the remnants of his brother’s reputation since his death. The only break Jozsua has ever had from the monotony of life on the run, was that one time he fell in love with a killer.
Dmitry’s been called a lot of things—murderer, psychopath… hitman. Being as how it’s all true, he doesn’t let it get to him. Since he’s a sociopath, it wouldn’t bother him even if it could. When he’s sent to infiltrate the Danshov family, he also doesn’t let the fact he’ll have to kill them all one day stop him from pursuing Jozsua. After all, he’s not one to deny himself when someone catches his eye. However, once Jozsua was in his bed and in his head, Dmitry couldn’t shake him.
Now, with the job he was hired to complete out of the way, Dmitry has his sights set on Jozsua once again. With all his secrets on the table, he has one last job to do—win back the man who gave him a conscience. The man whose brother Dmitry killed.
Author note: This is a dark story not meant for all readers. Jozsua and Dmitry’s love is borderline insanity, but it’s their love story.
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